Hideo Baba, Former Tales Producer, Leaves Square Enix

Hideo Baba Square Enix

Square Enix has announced that Hideo Baba who was heading the Square Enix’s Studio Isolia is no longer a part of Square Enix. He had earlier left Studio Istolia at the end of December 2018 and parted ways with Square Enix completely well last month.

Hideo Baba has worked on the ‘Tales of’ franchise at Bandai Namco and this franchise is the reason behind his fame. This was before he joined Square Enix in 2016 and he was later made the president of a brand new studio called Studio Istolia in February 2017. The studio was made specially to work on a new RPG title called Project Prelude Rune which was later revealed to be a PS4 exclusive.

Hideo Baba issued his official statement about him and Square Enix parting ways in which he stated:

Accompanying a change in Studio Istolia management policies, I’m announcing that I resigned as representative director in December 2018 to make room for the next generation. Also, in March 2019, I resigned from Square Enix. Thank you again to Square Enix Group for giving me a variety of experience. I will continue to support everyone from behind the scenes, and I sincerely hope for the further growth of Square Enix Group.

Square Enix has just revealed officially that both Square Enix and Hideo Baba have indeed parted ways last month. Since Baba was working on Project Prelude Rune, his leaving the studio leaves a big question behind about the future of the studio and the project. Square Enix has stated neither the studio nor the project.

Hideo Baba has left Square Enix however he did not reveal what he plans for his future. He might start his studio as this has been the trend in the past. Whatever he plans for his future, we wish him all the best.

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