Halo: The MCC Will Support Cross-Platform Progression Between PC and Xbox One

Halo Cross-Platform

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) will support cross-platform progression between PC and Xbox One when it comes out on PC. This is a very welcoming feature because Halo: MCC has been out on Xbox One for years. Players who will now switch to the PC version of the game will now have the option to transfer their progression from Xbox One to PC.

The game will allow players to transfer their progression which includes stats, unlocks and account details to the PC version of Halo: The MCC when it comes out. This will be a very streamlined process and even after transferring the data to the PC version, it will continue to sync between the two versions so the players can pick any version of the game and jump right back in the game where they left off.

Both game versions will connect to the same Xbox Live servers which will allow the continuous syncing between the two versions. This was confirmed by the community director Halo Brian ‘Ske7ch’ Jarrard on Twitter when he responded to a fan’s question aimed at this very topic. Looks like everyone was worried about their hours and hours of progression on the Xbox One version and did not want to start fresh on the PC again.

Since all game progression is carrying forward and actively synced between the two platforms, the only thing remaining is the cross-platform matchmaking and co-op Halo matches. This was also answered by Jarrard as he mentioned that the PC version of the game will not ship with this feature however this is something that the developers have in mind and it will come to the game in the future as an update.

It looks like Halo: The MCC will let you take your progress from Xbox One to the PC which means that all the hours that you put in the console version are not lost at all. This was a much-needed feature for the PC version and if the developers chose not to include this feature, many few players would have moved from the Xbox One version to the PC version.

Are you planning on moving to the PC version when it comes out or will you stick to the console version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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