Gwent Coming to Mobile Devices, iOS First in Line with Android to Follow

GWENT Thanedd Coup

During a conference call for investors and analysts, CD Projekt RED has revealed that GWENT is coming to mobile devices as well. The first platform for its arrival will be iOS and the Android version will be released sometime later. Gwent is not very hardware demanding title so it only made sense that it was brought to mobile devices as well.

CD Projekt RED released Gwent back in October 2018 and it was released initially on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Due to the nature of the title, it was expected that it will be released on mobile devices as well but there was no official word by the developers on it and it was only until now that we got a confirmation that the title is indeed coming to mobile devices.

The developer has both iOS and Android platforms in mind however the title will be released first on iOS in Fall 2019. Android version of Gwent will be released at a later stage but it is surely planned. Mobile platforms are the most common platforms for games like Gwent these days.

Gwent might be based in the Witcher universe but it is essentially based on the in-game card game which was a very popular past time for players in the game. A lot of fans spent hours playing Gwent inside the Witcher games so CD Projekt RED released a full fletched game focusing only on the card game Gwent.

Players meet many familiar faces in Gwent from the Witcher universe however the title is strictly a card battling title and players spend most of their time building their favorite decks and fighting other players on the table with cars instead of swords. The title received very good reception and the fans of the card game love Gwent and now we have confirmation that the title is finally coming out to mobile platforms.

Are you excited to play Gwent on mobile devices when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.


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