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Warzone Tips Victory

A new version of the re-released Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been released, where players can either complete the story campaign or completely immerse themselves in the battle royale format to take the best places in the rankings on their own, or with the help of the MW3 Boosting Service. To win in Warzone, you will need to be the very best however with the help of our tips and tricks, you can achieve victory with ease and get better at the game at the same time.

Warzone Tips and Tricks for Survival and Victory

Act Quickly

Many players delay the landing or try to predict a potential change in the zone to a certain point and land exactly there. As a result of landing, opponents may already be waiting for them in full equipment and ready for battle. You will have to demonstrate miracles of acrobatics and ingenuity to escape from fire, find a weapon, and fight back – try to act quickly and act according to the circumstances.

Look for an Assault Rifle

A large number of weapons will be scattered in Call of Duty, which the developers have generously placed throughout all locations in order to emphasize dynamics and shooting in matches in more or less equal conditions, and not arrange constant skirmishes between shotguns and assault rifles, as sometimes happens in PUBG.

Of course, in the absence of any weapons, anything will be used for the sake of survival and shooting enemies who will interfere with your boosting in Call of Duty, but it is the assault rifle that has sufficient power, ammunition, and the potential for installing additional means for full and comfortable combat on any distances.

In terms of damage, it will of course be inferior to a sniper rifle, but at the same time, it will be able to finish shooting at the enemy from almost the same distance, albeit with less accuracy.

Warzone Tips Victory

Look for Armor Modules

In Call of Duty Warzone, any parameter that can prolong your survival plays a very important role, especially with dense damage, where sometimes even 1 indicator is enough to keep the player alive.

Armor plays a key role in survival, especially since it can be replenished.

To do this, you need to find and use armor plates, which are reinstalled in the body armor and replenish the armor indicators, and first aid kits generate the character’s health.

Collect and Use Grenades

In matches where there are a lot of enemies around, grenades can sometimes play a good role.

You can throw them at enemies and force them to come out of cover, or die from their damage, but be careful when throwing them – the enemy can take advantage of this second and change position, or even attack you.

You can also use grenades in defense to prevent enemies from quickly reaching your position, or even die from grenade fragments.

Have Two Weapons

Any shooter in the tutorial will always tell you to carry and use a secondary weapon because it comes out faster than the main weapon can be reloaded.

This could be a pistol or another small weapon that will replace the main weapon and allow you to complete the battle in your favor.

Be careful with shotguns, as they are weapons with limited effectiveness – yes, they deal lethal damage at close range and can kill an enemy in one shot with proper accuracy, but if you get into a fight at medium or long range and run out of ammo on your main weapon, then you simply cannot replace it – even if the shotgun charges hit the target, they will cause too little damage to be considered effective and for successful boosting in CoD you would be better off finding cover and reloading.

Land in Large Locations to Develop Shooting Skills

If you want to learn how to quickly assemble a weapon and shoot accurately, you can spend some time practicing your accuracy, agility, and mobility. You need to actively seek out battles to learn to intuitively feel your opponents and shoot at them more accurately.

It looks like this: you spend all the time in the match to quickly land on a large territory, grab a weapon that is comfortable for you, and use it not only to gradually realize your advantage but to hunt all the opponents who will land there.

Of course, it won’t always work out, but gradually you will learn and your MW3 boosting will be more active and controlled.

This approach to the word allows you to quickly decide the outcome of the match – you either immediately destroy a large number of enemies and continue your path to the title of top 1 on this server, or you die quickly enough and go look for a new match without spending a lot of time collecting resources and advancing to the key point, where the outcome of the match is decided.

Use Transport

Sometimes the presence of equipment can save you from a direct hit from a bullet, but its main task is to deliver it to the battlefield quickly, or vice versa – to have time to escape with a low health reserve before the death of your fighter occurs.

Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles Guide

Airdrop Hunt

If your goal is to learn to shoot, then you must try to challenge all enemies who want to get to the airdrop – a high-quality reward that is dropped randomly on the map.

The weapons that are in such a case are often more valuable than those that are scattered around, and if you manage to grab them, you can get a strong advantage.

The best players fight for it and often do not disdain vile methods like shooting in the back, or waiting with a sniper rifle, so be prepared for this.

Remember that this is not a mandatory format, and you can simply focus on your survival, moving towards the point that is marked on the map as the place for the final battle and just not take unnecessary risks, because the match is already moving towards completion and a list of players is being formed that will take then 3 places in the fight.

Don’t focus on defeats

In the first stages, you will often lose, and most likely this will happen at the very beginning or middle of the fight. Don’t take this seriously and just start searching for a new fight.

Take breaks when negative emotions accumulate, because in such shooters a good mood is important, which allows you to catch courage and if you have it, then sometimes victories come easier.

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