Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide – Finding Tostada, Pantanillo, Jade Temple

Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide

In this Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you on how to clear your objectives in Los Manglares. You will be tasked to find the Mask Guardian Tostada in Los Manglares along with heading to Pantanillo and finally making your way to the Jade Temple. We have detailed everything that you will be required to do in order to complete these objectives along with some tips for clearing out the battle arenas here.

Guacamelee! 2 follows the story of Juan who is once again on a quest to save Mexiverse. The game picks up right where the first game ended and there are many familiar faces in the game. The game has the same intense combat action and the tense battle arenas that we loved in the first game. We have curated complete main story walkthrough for you so that you can easily complete each objective of the game without any problem.

Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide

This Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide focuses on the Los Manglares area and will include To Pantanillo and To Jade Temple objectives of the main story.

Finding the Mask Guardian Tostada

While you are in Pueblucho, head to the right side of the area until you can enter Agave Field. From there, keep heading right until you can finally enter Los Manglares. Continue heading to the right side, avoiding the green fluid, which will damage you if touched. Ignore the invisible ledges above you for the time being.

You will face some green skeletons and aluxes in this area but they pose little threat. You will easily defeat them. Keep heading right on the story path and defeat any enemies that come in your path. Eventually you will reach a woman wearing a red mask, this is Tostada. Interact with her to trigger a cutscene. When the cutscene ends, start heading to the left side until you see a floating luchador mask. Interact with it for another cutscene.

Seeking the Council in Pantanillo

Your next stop is Pantanillo. Start heading back in the direction where you came from. Keep going until you reach the invisible platforms. They will be visible now since we have entered the Land of the Dead. Climb them and then start heading right once you reach the top. You will encounter some skeletons here but they are easy to defeat.

You will eventually reach your first battle arena of Guacamelee! 2. Battle arena are a single screen fight arenas where enemies spawn in waves and you must defeat them in order to progress. Both sides of the map are blocked by walls so you cannot exit the area and must defeat enemies to escape. Once the enemies are down, a reward Pinata appears that give you a reward.

As you enter the battle arena, walls will block your progress and enemies will start spawning. Since this is the first battle arena, it is pretty simple and you will easily defeat all green and red skeletons. Once they are dead, walls will vanish and the reward Pinata will appear. Collect your rewards and move on. You will reach a checkpoint shrine so save your game. It will also allow you to change to a new character if you want to.

Move ahead and roll through the vine pillars on the right. Jump across the death fluid and you will reach a tunnel. You will come face to face with some slicers here. Slicers are blue skeletons who have razor sharp arms. You cannot attack them from the front as they block attacks with their arms. Roll through them and attack them from the behind. Clear the enemies and move to the next area.

In this area, there will be a number of platforms that you will need to climb while killing enemies on them. Keep climbing to the top and then enter the tunnel at the top. At the top, you will enter yet another battle arena. Same deal as last time, clear the battle room to claim your prize and continue on the story path. As you make progress in the game, the enemies in these battle arenas will get tougher and tougher.

Continue ahead and you will arrive at another checkpoint shrine. Save your game and continue heading right. For the next set of obstacles, you will need to use the advanced jump mechanics of the game. The game will teach you at this point how to use them. Kill the enemies in the next area. Ranger will keep throwing projectiles so avoid hitting them. Jump up to his platform to take him out and grab the Gold Chest on the platform located to his left side.

Now head to the next area where you will have to jump across three pits with thorns and a thorn pillar in the middle. There is also a ranger here to spoil the party. The next area will have a slicer and some red blocks. Jump down to end and reach the bottom. Save your game at the checkpoint shrine.

The next area features a number of different enemies as you make your way down. There is also a Heart Chest on a platform on the right side so make sure that you do not miss them. Roll through the slicer in the middle to get to it. Dropping below will not allow you to get back up so you need to make sure that you roll in mid-air to reach it.

When you reach the bottom, head left and you will encounter a Choozo Statue. Break it down to earn a special move Rooster Uppercut. Now you can break the red blocks using Rooster Uppercut. Start with breaking the red blocks behind the statue to exit the area. You will end up in another battle arena. Defeat all enemies and make your way left.

Use the Rooster Uppercut to reach the ledge where a ranger is located. Head left and exit through the door. If you need to jump higher, do not forget to use the Rooster Uppercut as it will allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Break the red blocks in the left upper corner to continue to the next battle room. Defeat enemies, collect your reward and move on.

Keep heading to the right side until you arrive in a large room full of platforms. Drop down and kill all enemies in the room and then aim for the upper right corner of the room. Before heading there, open the Stamina Chest in the lower right room. To reach that area, head to the area from where we entered the room from. Jump to the floating platform here using the Rooster Uppercut. You cannot reach it with the simple jump. Jump towards the platform and then use Rooster Uppercut to land on it.

Use it once again to reach the upper platform where a ranger is sitting. Head right and avoid the Death Fluid only to roll through the vine pillar. You will be required to use the roll and uppercut simultaneously to clear this area. In the tunnel, use the uppercut again to reach the higher platform. You will end up at a previously explored area.

Before you destroy the red blocks to continue, aim for the red blocks before the last one as there are some rewards waiting for you in there. After collecting them, destroy the last one and continue on the path. You will arrive in another Battle Room. Clear the battle room and then climb to the upper right corner of the room to open a Heart Chest.

Use the center block to reach a room, which has a checkpoint shrine and Stamina Chest. Use Rooster Uppercut and the moving platforms to reach the chest. After the chest, go back and destroy the far right block using the uppercut. Keep heading right and you will eventually meet Tostada again. Speak with her and you will arrive in Pantanillo eventually.

Head right until you come to a Skeleton lifting some weights. She is a trainer so speak with her. You can purchase some skills from her if you want. After the conversation is over, enter her house and head to the treadmill on the lower level. Run along and you will reach a Gold Chest. Go back outside and head to the central Pantanillo.

Climb the platforms there and you will reach a large tree stump with glowing blue light. Go inside it and find the goat man. Speak with him and enter the portal up ahead. You will return to the world of the living. Watch the cut scene until your objective changes. Now you need to head to the Jade Temple.

Retrieve the Jade Relic from Jade Temple

Your next objective is to retrieve the Jade Relic from the Jade Temple. For this you must get access to the entrance of the Jade Temple. After meeting with the goat man, head back outside to reach Pantanillo again but this time you will be in the land of the living. Some new things will be available now for you to check out.

Start off by heading to the building to the lower left corner of the village. Enter the building and break the red block using Rooster Uppercut. Find the Gold Chest behind it. Go back outside and head to the right side of the town. You will meet Flameface, another character from the first game, who now owns a fight bar called Flame Face’s Fight-a-torium. Speak with him and he will invite you to check out the fighting bar.

You will be required to complete two tasks here. Beat up Poncho when he comes using the on screen combos and beat Flameface’s record of 49 hits. Beat both of his tasks to unlock him as a trainer. Now exit his fight bar and continue heading right. Jump onto the floating patform above using the Rooster Uppercut. Use it again to reach the next ledge. Speak with the Stone Head to unlock a fast travel point.

Keep heading right and you will need to kill a flyer. Kill it and enter the tunnel up ahead. Inside you will encounter a skeleton and a flyer. To reach the Gold Chest here, use Rooster uppercut to reach the above level and then roll through the vine pillar. There will be two rangers behind this vine pillar. The chest is located under one of them.

Continue climbing platforms and reach the top of the room. You must keep heading right. Jump to reach the next path. Ignore the enemies on your left path. As you move right, you will encounter a Clobber Brute holding a shield. Defeat it and you will come to a checkpoint shrine. Save your game and continue ahead to reach a battle room. Defeat enemies and collect your reward to continue on the story path.

You will eventually run into Tostada on your path and a cutscene will be triggered. Watch the scene and when it ends, you will be given the task of reaching the entrance of the Jade Temple.

After the cutscene, jump down the platforms and keep heading down while defeating the enemies. You will also see a Stamina Chest in the left side of the area, which you cannot obtain yet. Keep going down until you reach the bottom.

Here you will be required to defeat a shield-bearing skeleton. Kill it and then enter the tunnel on the right side. Save your game at the Checkpoint Shrine and continue down the path. Drop down at the end and you will again encounter a Battle Arena. Defeat the enemies and you will receive the reward piñata.

Now head left and break the Choozo Statue to get an Eagle Boost special move. Now you can use it as a grappling hook with small eagle statues around the game. Look for a statue above in the same area and use the skill to get to the platform and then enter the next room. You will need to use Eagle Boost here to reach the next area. At the end, you must use a Rooster Uppercut to exit the room.

Head back using the Eagle Boost points. Grab the Stamina Chest that you saw earlier on the way up. You will eventually reach the top where you met Tostada. Use the Eagle Boost point here to reach the Jade Temple Entrance. Now you are ready for the next chapter in the story.

This concludes our Guacamelee! 2 Los Manglares Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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