Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide – Defeat All Bosses, Tips, Tricks

In this Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide, we will share detailed a detailed guide and some tips and tricks to defeat all the bosses in Guacamelee! 2. One of the best aspects of the original title were its boss battles and after playing the second game, we can say that the boss battles are equally fun the in the sequel as well. Each boss battle in Guacamelee! 2 will test out your skills right from the first chapter of the game where you start the game in a boss battle.

Our Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide aims at providing you the best tips and tricks in order to defeat all bosses easily and exploit their weaknesses. Each boss is unique in the sense that they will have their own fighting style so you will be required to quickly adapt to their attack moves to be better and faster than the bosses if you want to defeat them.

Boss Battles – Detailed Guide

Below we have detailed everything that you need to know in order to defeat all bosses of Guacamelee! 2.

Boss # 1 – Calaca

If you have played the first game then this will be a familiar sight for you as this is the final boss from the first game. Calaca returns and this time around you need to defeat him right at the starting scene of the game. This boss battle will have two phases. During the first phase, Calaca will be in his human form. During this phase, his most devastating attack will be a shockwave that he will sent towards you after dropping from the air.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

He will disappear for some time and will reappear after some time above you for this attack. When he reappears, he will drop down to the ground to send the shockwave. Avoid it at all costs as it will deal some serious damage to you. Once he starts to recover after this attack, move in for dealing some damage to him using your punches.

Once enough damage has been dealt to him, the Black Sun will arrive and the battle will enter the second phase. During this phase, Calaca will turn into a giant demon and will rain down meteorites at you from the sky. During this phase, you cannot damage him with you punches. You must grab these meteorites and throw them at Calaca. Make sure you do not touch these meteorites as they will damage you. Keep at it and he will die soon.

Boss # 2 – El Muneco

You will encounter the second boss, El Muneco inside the Jade Temple while you are on your way to retrieve the Jade Crystal. El Muneco is an annoying boss as he keeps throwing chickens at you during the first phase. You will need to climb the walls to reach him and deal some punching justice.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

Deal enough damage during the first phase while avoiding the chickens and you should enter the second phase of the battle much easily. During the second phase, El Muneco will again resort to some chicken tactics and will send waves of chickens at you from above and both left and right sides. To avoid the chicken onslaught, you will be required to use the walls and jump to safety.

During these chicken waves, El Muneco will disappear so you will have to wait until he reappears after the waves end. During this time, hit as much as you can. Once again, when his health drops down to a certain level, the battle will enter its third and final phase.

During this phase, El Muneco will call zombies as well as chickens. You can kill zombies easily and then use the walls to avoid chickens. Keep hitting the boss in between the waves and he will eventually die.

Boss # 3 – Uay Pek

The battle with Uay Pek the wizard is a long and tedious one as it has eight different phases. This is made even more difficult due to the fact that with each new phase, the battle arena changes and new obstacles are added in it to keep the fight interesting. The first phase is simple, as you will go head on with Uay Pek. He will shoot some magical missiles at you. Avoid them and hit Uay Pek hard.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

As the battle enters the second phase, Uay Pek will call some skeletons to join the party. They are easy to defeat and you will not have much problems with them. Kill them all and you will enter the third phase of the boss battle where he will create his clones. Each clone will now shoot magical missiles at you so you must avoid all of them. Defeat all clones to end this phase of the battle.

For the fourth phase of the battle, Uay Pek will call a giant skeleton to his aid. Hit the giant skeleton in his head and his heart and you will take it down easily. Finish it off to enter the fifth phase of the battle where Uay Pek will once come face to face with you. Same strategy as the first phase applies here.

During the sixth phase, Uay Pek will summon timed creatures, which disappear after 10 seconds. Kill them all within the time limit to clear this phase. For the seventh phase, another giant skeleton is called and after its defeat, you will enter the final phase of the battle where you will be required to fight a dragon.

The dragon has a deadly charge attack and you must avoid it at all costs. He will flying around the arena mostly but will land on the ground every now and then. When the dragon is on the ground, move it and deal as much damage as you can. It will go down eventually.

Boss # 4 – Zope Y Cactuardo

The fourth boss battle will consist of two bosses. A parrot and a giant cactus that has razor sharp needles. At start, you will only face the parrot. Keep hitting the parrot until it calls the cactus for backup. When the cactus appears, the parrot will jump on top of it for protection.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

Now you must get the parrot off the top of the cactus but you cannot get too close as the needles will damage you. The best way to get it off is using the walls to jump and then pushing the parrot off Cactuardo. This will make the needles go away for some time. se this time and deal some damage to both the parrot and the cactus. Keep this up and they will be defeated easily.

Boss # 5 – Jaguar Javier

Another boss battle from the past but this time there is a twist, you are not up against a single jaguar, this time there are three jaguars, which appear in each phase of the boss battle. The boss battle starts off easy, get difficult in the middle but then becomes easy in the end again.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

They key here is to focus on one jaguar at a time. During the later phases, when you have more than one jaguar on the screen, focus on one and bring it down. As the number of jaguars decline, the battle will become easier and easier.

Their attacks are the same but they deal quite a bit of a punch. Avoid the charge attack and the beam attack at all costs. Both of them deal quite a lot of damage specially if there are more than one jaguars at the screen targeting you. Defeat the three phases and Jaguar Javier will fall.

Final Boss – Salvador

The final boss in Guacamelee! 2 is the Salvador who is threatening the Mexiverse. Just like other boss battles, this battle has different phases as well. During the first phase of the battle, you will be up against a big serpent. The serpent will attack from either sides or from below. Keep an eye out for the beam attack and the meteorites falling from the sky.

Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide

After an attack, you will get some time to attack the serpent’s head. Do not miss these opportunities as the serpent will need a lot of beating and punching in its head before it goes down. Once the serpent is down, you will need to defeat Salvador himself. Salvador comes with a shield so you cannot hit him in the human form.

Yes, you heard that right. You cannot hit him in the human form, which means you must turn into a chicken, and hit him until his shield goes down. Once his shield is down, you can turn back to human form and the battle will enter its second phase. During the second phase, Salvador will charge at you for a powerful slam attack but you can easily avoid it using jump. Once you are on his backside, punch him and deal some damage. Keep at it until he is defeated.

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This concludes our Guacamelee! 2 Boss Battles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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