Graveyard Keeper Beginner’s Guide

Graveyard Keeper

In Graveyard Keeper, you take on the role of a graveyard keeper who must do all duties that a graveyard keeper must do. It is a very unique game where you will be required to everything from collecting dead bodies to making sure that they do not rot and holding sermons for dead people on every Sunday in the church. Our Graveyard Keeper Beginner’s Guide is here for you, which will get you up, and running with all the basic mechanics of the game in no time.

Our Graveyard Keeper Beginner’s Guide will guide you on how to take care of the bodies, how to get more materials and learning new grave keeping technologies as well as taking care of the graveyard itself. After reading our guide, your graveyard keeping skills will be up to par with the game and you will be taking care of dead bodies like a pro.

Graveyard Keeper – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Below we have detailed some tips and tricks that will help you play the game and understand how things work in Graveyard Keeper.

Repair the Graveyard

This will be your very first task in the game. You will be required to fix the bad condition of the graveyard in order to bring it to a functional form. As the graveyard is fixed and its condition improves, its rating increases automatically. You can perform repairs using Wood Repair Kits and Stone Repair Kits.

To make more of these kits, you must build Wood Workbench and Stone Cutter. Only then, you will be able to repair all of your graveyard. The starting kits will not be enough for fixing up the whole graveyard as every gravestone and grave will need to be fixed. You must also fix the fences around the graves. You can also put decorations on the graves.

Your graveyard is not the only thing however, that needs repairing. As you explore the areas around, you will see that you can repair many different things such as bridges, passages and buildings. Repair them to get access to new areas and locations.

Look After the Bodies

You will receive dead bodies every day via donkeys and you will be required to take good care of them. You can cut down the meat, remove skin and bones from the bodies and perform autopsy on them as well. You can sell the meat for money if it is in good condition. The rest of the items you receive are not very useful in the game.

The bodies decay overtime when they are dropped outside the morgue so you need to make sure that you pick them quickly before they rot too much. The ideal condition for a body is it to remain between 100%-90%. This also keeps the rating of your graveyard up. Decayed and rotten bodies will ruin your graveyards rating.

Each grave will have its own unique rating and they will have an impact on the overall rating of the graveyard. The rating of the graves is shown in the form of skulls. White skulls represent good rating, red skulls show damaged bodies, which can be fixed, and green skulls represent bodies that cannot be fixed. You can try different things in the game to delay the body decaying.

Learn New Technologies

In Graveyard Keeper, you will earn three different types of coins. Green Coins, Blue Coins and Red Coins. Green Coins are your knowledge about nature. You will earn green coins by performing things that involve nature such as planting crops, digging out weed etc.

Blue Coins are earned after the Church is unlocked and they represent your knowledge of research and in-game study that you do. You earn blue coins by creating glass, studying books or from crafting paper.

Red coins are earned when you work on benches and craft items. They are also earned while mining and crushing rocks. They represent your abilities and other handcrafting skills.

When you earn these three types of coins, you can later spend them in the Technologies tab to purchase different new technologies. These are basically your skills which are upgraded as you spend points in them. These include Anatomy and Alchemy, Theology, Book Writing, Farming and Nature, Smithing and Building.

You can upgrade them in any order but you must upgrade them in order to get better at managing your graveyard.

Random Tips and Tricks

You can farm as well after you have purchased the certificate from the bartender at the tavern. You can later purchase some seeds from the farmer who is present at the Wheat Fields. Farming is one of the best means of earning money in Graveyard Keeper. Also later in the game, you will need to pay 5 carrots to the donkey every day so make sure that you have a steady supply of carrots to pay it.

If you are planning to complete some quests, you must keep an eye to the time of the day. Quest givers are present during specific times and will not be available always so make sure that you keep an eye on the time of the day of you want to start specific quests.

Each NPC in the game is not there without a purpose. They will each give you valuable pieces of information about the game and quests. Read everything they have to say and try not to skip the dialogues. Some of the NPCs will even give you quests so speak with everyone that you see around you.

The game follows a day and night cycle so it is very important that you go to bed early. If you keep working late until night, then you will sleep until late and waste nearly half of the next day. This will not be very productive so you must make sure that you keep a constant habit of sleeping on time and waking on time to keep productivity high.

This concludes our Graveyard Keeper Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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