How to get the Gotterdammerung Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

How to get the Gotterdammerung Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

The best weapon in Final Fantasy 16 is the Gotterdammerung weapon which you can get by completing a few quests, unlocking the design draft, and then getting the materials to craft the weapon. The weapon can easily be missed, and more so if you unknowingly use the previous crafting materials. This guide will show you exactly how to get the best weapon in the game which is the Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy 16.

How to get the Gotterdammerung Weapon in Final Fantasy 16

The Gotterdammerung can be obtained when you complete the Blacksmith’s Blues questline consisting of four different quests. However, the most important thing is to keep the weapon’s crafting materials in your inventory and never sell them until you have completed all the quests and are ready to craft the Gotterdammerung.

The items required to craft the Gotterdammerung are:

  • Darksteel
  • Primitive Battlehorn
  • Ragnarok
  • Orichalcum

Blacksmith’s Blues Quests

There are four Blacksmith’s Blues side quests that you need to complete. Upon completion, you will get the weapon draft that will let you craft the Gotterdammerung. The next task after the quest is to find the four crafting materials

Crafting Material #1 – Ragnarok

The first crafting material is obtained immediately after you complete the Blacksmith Blues questline. After completing the four quests, you will get Ragnarok and the Gotterdammerung Design Draft

Crafting Material #2 – Orichalcum

The Orichalcum is obtained from three different monster locations:

  • Orichalcum 1: Obtained in the “Out of the Shadow” quest in The Rosaria section of Eastpool in Cressidia. The Orichalcum is dropped by the Notorious Mark: Atlas.
  • Orichalcum 2: Obtained from Gorgimera Notorious Mark in the southwest region of The Velkroy Desert, specifically in Dhalmekia.
  • Orichalcum 3: Obtained from The Behemoth King Notorious Mark in the Waloed region of Vidargraes.

Crafting Materia #3 – Darksteel

The third crafting material is Darksteel, obtained by two more Notorious Marks. The first Notorious Mark is the Thanatos found in Dhalmekia in The Gilded Path of the Titan’s Wake area. Defeating Thanatos will give you the first Darksteel.

The second Darksteel is dropped by another Notorious Mark called the Prince of Death. This monster is found in the Sanbreque region of Royal Meadows.

Crafting Material #4 – Primitive Battlehorn

The last crafting material required for the Gotterdammerung is the Primitive Battlehorn. This item is yet again dropped by another Notorious Mark called Gobermouch, found in the Waloed region of Eistla

After you have all four different crafting materials, you can now return to the Blacksmith and make yourself the Gotterdammerung from the crafting list.

That’s how you can get the Gotterdammerung weapon in Final Fantasy 16. Post your comments below.

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