How to Get the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy

The Golden Snitch is one of the most iconic items from the Harry Potter series of books and movies, and though Quidditch is not a part of the game, you can still find the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will show you how to get the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy, where it is located, and what purpose it serves in the game.

How to Get the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy

The Golden Snitch can be found in the Room of Requirement, and its purpose is to guide to a treasure chest in the room. This room doesn’t come unlocked and will require you to play a little bit of the game before you can access the area and get to the Golden Snitch.

When you first enter the Room of Requirement, you will run into the Golden Snitch, which will quickly fly past you. Its job in the game is to lead you to a loot chest inside the Room of Requirement. As of right now, you cannot catch the Golden Snitch, but it does make an appearance and will guide you to something useful in the end.

When you do spot the Golden Snitch, it will lead you to an area with a crate and a blocked path. Your task here is to get to the other side towards the chest containing the loot. You first need to use the Accio spell to pull the crate in front of you, giving you access to the small gap that you can crawl through. To the left of this area will be two more crates on the other side. You will also spot the Golden Snitch flying over the chest, indicating that you need to open the chest.

Use the Accio Spell again to pull the crate with the chest towards you, enough so that you can reach it and open it. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, or if a crate is blocking your path, you can use the Depulso spell to push it away.

When you get the chest close enough, you can open it without having to go to the other side and access all the treasure inside. Inside the chest, you will find a Dark Plaid Fedora as a reward item.

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That’s how you can get to the Golden Snitch in Hogwarts Legacy. Post your comments below.

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