God of War Jotnar Shrines Guide – All Shrine Locations

God of War Jotnar Shrines Guide

In this God of War Jotnar Shrines Guide, we will guide you on the location of all the Jotnar Shrines that are found in God of War. As you already know, God of War games are full of lore and the newest title in the franchise is filled with all sorts of lore. There are Lore Markers, Mimir’s Tales and Jotnar Shrines all around the realms that will fill you with all sorts of lore about the game.

We have curated this God of War Jotnar Shrines Guide for you in which we have focused on the Jotnar Shrines and their locations. You will need to find all the Jotnar Shrines in all realms of God of War to complete the labor ‘More than Myth’. These Jotnar Shrines tell you the stories about different famous Giants and they are a great source of some extra game lore, which really keeps you glued to the game.

Jotnar Shrine Locations – Detailed Guide

God of War features 11 Jotnar Shrines that are located in different areas of the game. Some of them are clearly placed in the main story path but some of the them are located in hidden areas, which you will be required to find as well.

Below you will find the locations of all 11 Jotnar Shrines in detail so that you read more about the mighty giants of the game and complete your labor along the way.

Jotnar Shrine # 1 – Skoll and Hati

The first Jotnar Shrine is located in Wildwoods. Continue playing the game to the location where you have to use the chain to lift up the doors and freeze the wheel in order to continue down the path. Once you have passed the gate, turn left immediately and keep going along the wall.

You will find a chain up ahead. Climb the chain and head towards the stairs on your right. Climb up the stairs and you will find the Jotnar Shrine at the end of the hallway. Atreus will open it up to add to your codex.

Jotnar Shrine # 2 – Hrungnir

This Jotnar Shrine is located in River Pass after Brok’s shop. If you have cleared the game, fast travel to the Mystic Gate, which is near to, Brok’s shop and go to his shop. Once there, go straight up and look for the chain on your left side.

Use the chain to climb down and go back all the way to the area where you crossed the raised bridge while playing the main story. Climb the way back and once you reach the Nornir Chest, turn left and climb the small cliff. Keep going straight, turn right and then again turn left. Reach the end of this area and you will find the Jotnar Shrine.

Jotnar Shrine # 3 – Skadi

This Jotnar Shrine is located inside the hidden area of Veithurgard. Once you have access to Veithurgard, go to the castle and enter it. As soon as you enter the castle, turn right and you will find the shrine.

Jotnar Shrine # 4 – Jormungandr

This Jotnar Shrine is located in Foothills. When you open the door of the Vanaheim Tower and get access to Foothills, look for the shrine in the room right after the door. It is located on the left side in the same hall where the giant doors open.

Jotnar Shrine # 5 – Groa

This Jotnar Shrine is in Alfheim realm. You will eventually reach Sindri’s second shop while playing the main story. The shrine is located right next to it.

Jotnar Shrine # 6 – Ymir

This Jotnar Shrine is collected in The Mountain. When you reach the big room where you lower down a bridge to continue down the patch, you will see some red sap blocking your path to a room. Use a shock crystal to blow it open and get inside. You will find the Jotnar Shrine inside this room.

Jotnar Shrine # 7 – Thamur

This Jotnar Shrine is located in Thamur’s Corpse. Head inside the hidden chamber here which is located right in front of the boat dock. Once you are inside the hidden chamber, you will find the shrine on the left side.

Jotnar Shrine # 8 – Bergelmir

This Jotnar Shrine is located inside Tyr’s Temple. Head to the lower floor, which can be accessed after Atreus, has solved the sand puzzle. Once the elevator is lowered, you will find the shrine in the same room.

Jotnar Shrine # 9 – Thrym

This Jotnar Shrine is located behind the Muspelheim Tower, which cannot be accessed directly until the water has dropped. To get there, you must head to Lookout Tower and climb the rocks to reach the zip line. This zip line will take you directly to the area behind Muspelheim tower where this shrine is located.

Jotnar Shrine # 10 – Starkadr

This Jotnar Shrine is located in Konunsgard Stronghold. You cannot gain access to this area until you complete all four favors for Sindri and Brok. Once you get the favor ‘Hail to the King’, you can get inside this location. Beach your boat when you arrive in the stronghold and start walking inside.

When you get inside the stronghold, turn right and you will find the shrine right ahead. Collect it by prompting Atreus to open it.

Jotnar Shrine # 11 – Sutr

This Jotnar Shrine is located in the Muspelheim realm. Travel to the realm and head to Brok’s shop. You will find the shrine right next to his shop.

For detailed instructions on finding all collectibles in all locations, check out our God of War Location Guides here.

This concludes our God of War Jotnar Shrines Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, use the comments section below.

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