God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide – 100% Completion

God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide

In this God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide, we will guide you on locations of all the collectibles found in Veithurgard. Each location in God of War is full of different locations that you need to collect if you want to reach 100% completion for each location. These collectibles are spread around each location in hidden areas or off-path areas and you might miss many if you are not careful.

Lucky for you, our God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide details all collectibles in the Veithurgard location of God of War. With the help of this guide, you will be able to collect all hidden collectibles in the location and aim for that 100% completion mark. It is worth mentioning here that if you are playing the game for the first time, we recommend that you skip these collectibles as none of these can be missed. You can collect all of them after finishing the main story of the game.

Veithurgard Collectibles – Location Guide

This God of War Lookout Veithurgard Locations Guide focuses on all collectibles present in Veithurgard. There are 20 collectibles in this region that you must collect.  We have detailed the collectibles in a sequence so when you start the area, you can collect all of them easily without missing anyone in between when you explore the area.

God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide

Veithurgard Collectible # 1 – Lore Marker

The Lore Marker is located on the path that you will take to Veithurgard. It will be right in front of Brok’s Shop

Veithurgard Collectible # 2 – Shop

Brok’s Shop is near the first Lore Marker that you got right as you enter Veithurgard.

Veithurgard Collectible # 3 – Lore Marker

From the left of Brok’s shop, there is a wall with a crack that you can squeeze in and through to the other side. Go straight ahead where there will be a tunnel that you have to crawl in to get to the other side. When you reach this area, there will be a Lore Marker straight ahead.

Veithurgard Collectible # 4 – Lore Marker

After you collect the above Lore Marker, another one will be right behind you to the right. You can collect this Lore Marker as well.

Veithurgard Collectible # 5 – Raven

When you enter the main area of Veithurgard, take the boat to advance further. Ride the boat to the left corner of Thor’s statue that sits on a small island. The raven can be found circling the statue that you can hit with your axe.

Veithurgard Collectible # 6 – Mystic Gateway

The Mystic Gateway is location on the main island of Veithurgard at the beach. It is very easy to spot.

Veithurgard Collectible # 7– Artefact

Head over towards the right from the Mystic Gateway. Along this path you will come across a chain. Pull on it to open a gate above and then throw the axe to freeze it. Now climb up the mountain. Once you reach the top, you will need to drop down to a platform below, where there will be a wooden barricade. Break open and the artifact will be inside.

Veithurgard Collectible # 8 – Artefact

Drop down again and straight ahead will be a boat bridge. Right at the end of the Bridge, the artifact can be collected.

Veithurgard Collectible # 9 – Lore Marker

From the boat bridge where you collected the Artefact, head back towards the path that leads to the main area, before the stairs and towards the right will a Lore marker.

Veithurgard Collectible # 10 – Raven

Go to the path that leads to the dragon. The Raven can be found sitting behind the wooden wall under the dragon.

Veithurgard Collectible # 11 – Artefact

The path that leads to the left of the dragon has some crates and corpses. The artifact is sitting behind the crates.

Veithurgard Collectible # 12 – Artefact

To the left from the previous artifact, head towards the broken bridge. The Artefact is sitting beside a corpse.

Veithurgard Collectible # 13 – Nornir Chest

Continue up the path, climb the wall and towards the right side will be a Nornir Chest. To open the Chest you need to find and destroy 3 Rune seals. One Rune is towards the left of the chest. For the second Rune, head back towards a small wooden bridge which will lead you to a dragon shrine, ahead in the distance will be a Rune that you can destroy by throwing your axe. The third and final Rune can be found inside a tunnel that is behind the Nornir Chest. The path will lead you to the Rune, and also the gate that will lead you back to the Chest.

Veithurgard Collectible # 14 – Raven

The Raven is next to a big gate with 4 rune symbols. The Raven can be found to the left side of the gate.

Veithurgard Collectible # 15 – Lore Marker

The Lore Marker sits to the left of the raven that you previously collected.

Veithurgard Collectible # 16 – Jotnar Shrine

Open the gate to the Shrine by placing the letters of the rune in the right order. Top left: “T”, Left Bottom: “R”, Right Top: “N”, Right Bottom: “F”. Head in and the shrine will be straight ahead.

Veithurgard Collectible # 17 – Artefact

This Artefact is towards the left side of the shrine.

Veithurgard Collectible # 18 – Artefact

Continue straight through the broken wall on the left, you must use the lever to drain the water. When the water is drained, below there will be a corpse with the Artefact.

Veithurgard Collectible # 19 – Lore Marker

To the left of the Artefact you just collected, there will be a Lore Marker very close.

Veithurgard Collectible # 20 – Legendary Chest

Continue ahead, where there will be a boss fight. After the boss fight, the Legendary Chest will be behind a closed door. Unlock the door and the Chest will be in front of you.

This concludes our God of War Veithurgard Collectible Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.


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