God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide – 100% Completion

God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide

In this God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide, we will guide you on locations of all the collectibles found in Helheim. Each location in God of War is full of different locations that you need to collect if you want to reach 100% completion for each location. These collectibles are spread around each location in hidden areas or off-path areas and you might miss many if you are not careful.

Lucky for you, our God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide details all collectibles in the Helheim realm of God of War. With the help of this guide, you will be able to collect all hidden collectibles in the location and aim for that 100% completion mark. It is worth mentioning here that if you are playing the game for the first time, we recommend that you skip these collectibles as none of these can be missed. You can collect all of them after finishing the main story of the game.

Helheim – Location Guide

This God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide focuses on all collectibles present in Alfheim. There are 15 collectibles in this region that you must collect.  We have detailed the collectibles in a sequence so when you start the area, you can collect all of them easily without missing anyone in between when you explore the area.

God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide

Helheim Collectible # 1 – Artefact

You will find this collectible very early in the realm. This is located in the right corner as soon as you exit Tyr’s Temple after reaching the realm.

Helheim Collectible # 2 – Legendary Chest

It is placed conveniently on the main story path on the left side.

Helheim Collectible # 3 – Raven

This raven is sitting right above the last Legendary Chest on the golden ring. It is easily visible when you look up while standing in front of the chest.

Helheim Collectible # 4 – Legendary Chest

To get access to this Legendary Chest, you will need Winds of Hel. They are located right before the area where you are required to crawl under the ice tunnel. To get to the Legendary Chest, you will need to place the Winds of Hel in many sockets along the way. The first holder is a door on the left side, which will open and reveal a red chest.

The second holder is located on the left side of the bridge. The next holder is located on the right side at the bottom of a statue. For the next socket, climb up the stairs until you find a statue. The socket is behind this statue.

The next holder is in the golden ring above you. Run under the building and look around to look for it. The next socket is located on the left side of the road behind some ice. Keep the Winds of Hel here and grab the energy from the other side by first circling around from the main entrance of the realm. Once you have the Winds of Hel, run to the stairs leading down and put it in the holder there behind some ice. Head downstairs, grab the Winds of Hel from here and put them in the door to open it. The Legendary Chest will be revealed.

Helheim Collectible # 5 – Raven

Head to the bridge where the dead are crossing the area. Crawl under the icy cave when you reach the end of the bridge and once on the other side, make your way to the up using the broken stairs. When you see the red sap, use Atreus to clear it up. Once it is cleared, you will find the raven sitting behind it.

Helheim Collectible # 6 – Legendary Chest

In the same area, climb down the chest and you will see some more red sap. Use Atreus to clear the way and open the chest.

Helheim Collectible # 7 – Artefact

When you reach the end of the area from the last chest, climb down and look above you. You will see some vines holding up the artefacts. Use Blades of Chaos to clear them away and collect the artefact.

Helheim Collectible # 8 – Raven

Collect the artefact and keep following the same path. Climb down at the end and you will end up near two frozen people. Head to the edge of the area where the rave is circling around.

Helheim Collectible # 9 – Raven

Now climb the wall on your side and you will find another raven sitting on some ice.

Helheim Collectible # 10 – Artefact

Go back down and climb yet again using the last possible way. This is the main story path so head back there. You will find some vines at the back of a pillar. Clear them and you will have access to the artefact.

Helheim Collectible # 11 – Hidden Chamber

Now you need to go to the area where you fought the Troll boss. Look on the left side and you will see some red sap. This is the entrance to Helheim’s Hidden Chamber. Atreus can clear it with his shock arrows.

Helheim Collectible # 12 – Artefact

As soon as you enter the hidden chamber, look at your right side to collect this artefact.

Helheim Collectible # 13 – Raven

Enter the Hidden Chamber, look at the right side and you will find the raven.

Helheim Collectible # 14 – Mystic Gateway

This is located inside the Hidden Chamber as well.

Helheim Collectible # 15 – Raven

This is located inside the Hidden Chamber right before entering the Valkyrie’s room

Helheim Collectible # 16 – Artefact

The last artefact is also located in the Hidden Chamber. Head to the bottom floor and look on the left side behind a torch while going up. This is on the left side if the last raven.

This concludes our God of War Helheim Collectible Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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