Gigabyte CMP 30HX Listed for an Absurd $720 at Retail, Comes with Just 3 Months of Warranty

Gigabyte CMP 30HX Retail

After the announcement of NVIDIA CMP mining cards, the cards have started to hit the retail market now. The latest card to arrive in the retail market is Gigabyte CMP 30HX crypto mining GPU. The card was spotted at a Romanian retail store and was found by well-known leaker Momomo_US.

The Gigabyte CMP 30HX card that has been spotted online seems to be a rebrand of the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER Gaming based on the identical clock speeds and the TU116 GPU. The NVIDIA CMP 30HX has a base clock speed of 1530 MHz and a boost clock speed of 1785 MHz. The CMP 30HX has 6GB of GDDR6 memory running at 14 Gbps.

The Gigabyte CMP 30HX mining GPU has the following key features.

  • Powered by NVIDIA CMP 30HX
  • Integrated with 6GB GDDR6 192-bit memory interface
  • WINDFORCE 2X Cooling System with alternate spinning fans
  • 90mm unique blade fans
  • 3 months warranty

Gigabyte CMP 30HX Retail

Image Credit: Momom_US

The cooler design is a dual-fan cooling solution in an all-black color scheme with no LED lighting. The card does not feature any display outputs and is powered by a single 8-pin connector. As for mining, the NVIDIA CMP 30HX has a TDP estimated at 125W and is powered through an 8-pin power connector. The mining performance for Ethereum is 26 MH/s which can be tweaked even more.

The mining performance of this card is extremely unimpressive for its price point. Considering the price, this performance is very very poor. The mining performance is very similar to the GTX 1660 Super, but the CMP 30 HX costs almost $721 USD according to the retail listing.

The RTX 3060 when available at retail for $329 offers near-equal mining performance while the hash rate limiter is on. When the hash rate limiter is off, the 3060 gets around 50 MH/s which is almost double that of the CMP 30HX.

We will have to wait and see how miners react to this card and whether they will even go for these cards or not.

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