Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade

Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide

This Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide will show you how you can upgrade weapons and armor items in the game. After you have found a weapon mod or armor upgrades, you need to equip them to make your weapons and armor better.

Weapon and armor upgrade can be found n the various cases or boxes when you are in a mission. The cases are also highlighted by their content rarity type, which means that you might find Epic rarity items in a case. This may be a very powerful weapon or armor upgrade you can have.

Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide

Below we have detailed how to upgrade weapons and armor in Gears Tactics.

How to Upgrade

As mentioned before, weapon and armor upgrades can be found in cases. You can send one of your units towards the case to grab them wherever you find one in the mission. Once you end the mission and return back to the main menu, you then have to open the cases to claim their contents. These usually contain weapon or armor upgrades, and depending on the rarity of the case, you might find Epic items.

Now that you have upgrade parts, you might be looking to equip them onto your unit’s loadout. The game also highlights the unit’s name in red, notifying that you can find new upgrades that can be equipped. From there, you need to select the item you want to upgrade, and then look at all the available upgrade items that you can equip on it.

This will also give you a good look at the item stats, how the upgrade will change an item’s properties, allowing you to mix and match your gameplay style. Weapons and armor upgrades will buff your unit’s base stats and hand out passive buffs as well.

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This concludes our Gears Tactics Weapons and Armor Upgrade Guide. Post your comments below.

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