Gears Tactics Classes Unlock Guide – How to Unlock Additional Classes

Gears Tactics Classes Unlock Guide

This Gears Tactics Classes Unlock Guide will show you how you can unlock additional classes in the game. There are several classes that each come with their unique set of skills and the special weapon that they use in combat.

Classes are not only distinguished by the skills, but also the weapons that the character wields. Weapons are special to certain classes in the game, which means that your character will not be able to use a special weapon until you have unlocked a special class that contains the weapon. You can think of it as a default weapon that comes with a certain class.

Gears Tactics Classes Unlock Guide

Below we have detailed how to unlock more classes in Gears Tactics

Scout Class

The Scouts are best in getting close to the enemy lines by sneaking in and getting closer to an advantageous position. The abilities allow them to sneak around and get behind the lines of enemies for an ambush. Though scouts are high risk if the enemies are alerted, the payoff is great if you can manage them effectively. To unlock the Scout Class, you have to reach Chapter 2 of Act 1 and then save the first two gears.

Support Class

Support Class is the main class of Gabe, where it not only heals allies but also buffs them with bonuses. This class also allows you to heal your entire team, or a single target if you chose to. To unlock this class, you need to reach Chapter 4 of Act 1.

Heavy Class

The Heavy Class is best in taking out large groups of the enemy, and soaking all the incoming bullets from hostiles. This class works best in tandem with the Support Class as it dishes out additional action points as a bonus. The Heavy also has the Anchor skill which increases both the damage by 45% and the accuracy by 30% which is quite significant. To unlock this class, you have to save the first two gears when you reach Chapter 2 of Act 1.

Sniper Class

This class will offer you long range combat options as the weapon that comes with this clas is a sniper rifle. With the long range targets, this class will have much better accuracy from long ranges, as the accuracy is not heavily affected by range. The best way to use this class is to deal high amounts of damage or to hit targets with critical hits. To unlock the Sniper Class, you can to reach Chapter 4 of Act 1, and find Mikayla.

Vanguard Class

The Vanguard class is more of a tank class in Gears Tactics, as they work best in the game for the long run. This class allows them to heal after each turn, while any damage dealt with the enemies will drain off their health slowly. This class is unlocked from the beginning as default.

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