Frost Giant Raises Additional $5M for Strategy Title, Welcomes Former StarCraft II Engineer

Frost Giant Studios

Indie developer Frost Giant Studios has announced that it has successfully raised an additional $5M to scale the development team to continue building their new RTS. Frost Giant Studios was formed by Blizzard veterans Tim Morten and Tim Campbell. The new investment was raised from prominent Korean venture capital fund Kona Venture Partners; internationally operating Global Founders Capital; co-founder of RXBAR nutrition bars, Jared Smith; and game backend entrepreneur, Eden Chen.

Apart from the new funds, Frost Giant Studios also announced that former StarCraft II Lead Engineer, James Anhalt is joining the team as studio’s Chief Architect. He will oversee Frost Giant’s engineering initiatives as the team aims at bringing their RTS games to a broad audience. While working at Blizzard, James worked on different projects and video games such as, World of Warcraft, and the central technology group. James also worked on the ‘Galaxy’ engine which brought StarCraft II to life.

Frost Giant Studios

He also helped architect StarCraft II’s lock-step network model, developed best-in-class high unit-count pathfinding, and helped shape the vision for many other aspects of the engine. Before leaving his position at Blizzard, James was part of Blizzard’s central technology group that was responsible for the shared core and new engine development. James Anhalt will now be joining Frost Giant Studios and he had this to say:

I am excited to work with this outstanding and talented team to bring fun RTS gameplay to as many fans as possible. Frost Giant’s strong foundation gives us the ability and opportunity to create RTS games that appeal to more players than ever before.

Tim Morten, Frost Giant Studios CEO also commented:

With over 30 years of experience building games, James is one of the most talented engineers I’ve worked with, and he will be integral to our continued growth. With his leadership and depth of knowledge, I’m confident that Frost Giant will be able to set a new benchmark for RTS games.

Frost Giant Studios was formed back in 2020 and is on a mission to bring RTS games to a broader audience by lowering the barrier to entry, enhancing the co-op gameplay, and expanding the legacy of competitive eSports.

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