Forza Street Beginner’s Guide – Corners, Perfect Launch, Tips and Tricks

Forza Street Beginner's Guide

In this Forza Street Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on how you can start playing Forza Street. Forza Street is a brand new free-to-play racing game in the Forza franchise and it takes a brand new direction with the franchise. Although the game is available on PC, it still plays like a mobile game however it is nevertheless a fun experience.

We have curated this Forza Street Beginner’s Guide in which we will guide you on the basic mechanics of Forza Street and how you can win in the game easily. Forza Street is not a very difficult game however as you make progress in the game, the competition only gets tougher. It is vital that you understand the basics of the game early on and strive to excel at the game so that you can easily tackle later chapters of the game.

Beginner’s Guide – Forza Street

Our Forza Street Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know about playing Forza Street and owning the competition.

Choose Your Preferred Control Setting

Playing Forza Street is very simple however mastering it will take some practice. The game can be played with one button. The game, however, offers different modes. You can play with the Keyboard, the mouse or a touch screen (compatible device required) as well. You simply need to press one key on each to accelerate, lifting it off with apply brakes and use boost with another button. You can play with any control scheme that suits you for more control over the game.

Nail the Perfect Launch

Like every other racing game, the start of the race plays an important role. Although you do not need to worry about launch control or making sure not to spin out too much and maintaining traction at the start, you must watch out for the best launch zone for your RPM. You have to launch while keeping the RPM in the yellow zone below red but if you look closely, right below the red zone, there is a small perfect launch zone.

This zone is very small and hard to notice but you must try to keep the RPM in this optimum zone when the race begins. If you launch in this zone, you will get the Perfect Launch bonus and even if your car lacks in the Performance Index, you will start very strong next to your opponent. Sometimes you will even gain the lead right off the line. It is vital that you practice and never compromise on the start line launch.

Master the Corners

The next thing you must master is when to brake and when to accelerate back. Forza Street is a one button game so it is very easy to play the game. Hence mastering braking and accelerating points should not be a big problem for you. When you approach the corner, you will notice yellow and the red line. At no point in the corner, should you accelerate at the red line. Always keep your foot off the accelerator in the red zone.

While approaching the corner, you must lift off the accelerator at the yellow zone and then accelerate at the end of the corner when the red line ends and the yellow begins. At this line, you will notice that a certain part if much brighter and highlighted. These are perfect braking and accelerating points. Lifting off and then accelerating again in these points will help you take the corner in maximum speed possible.

Try to practice so that you brake at the perfect time and then accelerate again at the perfect spot so that you enter and exit the corner at the fastest possible speed, allowing you to gain a visible lead over the opposition. Also if you messed up the launch, taking perfect corners will give you a chance to overtake your opponent again.

Build up Boost Quickly

You have boost at your disposal for a quick acceleration bonus in the game however you must charge it first. Boost recharges at its default speed while you are driving however you can fill it up quickly if you take some perfect corners. Taking perfect corners will quickly refill your boost bar so you can use it immediately after exiting the corner for a massive boost and gaining lead on your opponent.

The boost bar has two rings. You must charge each ring before using it. When one ring is filled, you can use the boost however it is not too much powerful. For the ultimate boost, you can refill both rings and the press the boost key or tap the icon for a massive boost that is certainly going to add some distance between your car and your opponent’s car.

Tune Your Rides

As you play the game, you will unlock more and more cars however you can only have three cars in your lineup for each event. Because of this limitation, I recommend that you keep only three primary cars and keep tuning them. Tuning will need car parts and CR, the in-game money. Tap the tuning icon in the main menu and you will then head into your garage where you can pick the car, choose the parts and pay in CR to tune it up.

Tuning is important because you cannot take part in higher level races with stock vehicles. Tuning will ensure that your cars are competitive in all scenarios. You win car parts by challenge cards and from events and races as well. Once you have decent part upgrades, head to the garage and tune up your cars to increase their Performance Index and make them more competitive. You will not win races later if you choose to keep your rides stock.

Forza Street Beginner's Guide

Watch out for Opponent Performance Index

The Performance Index is a number which is displayed on your car as well as the opponent you are going to race which shows the performance level of the car chosen. Higher the number, better the performance of the car. Before the vent starts, you can pick an opponent from a list of three based on different Performance Index levels. Pick the one with the highest to earn higher rewards but the race will be difficult.

To ensure that you can tackle higher PI opponents, make sure that you tune your car so that it is more competitive. Tuning will increase your car’s PI and allow you to earn more rewards by challenging higher level enemies. You can have three different cars in your lineup so you can have cars of different Performance Indexes so that you can easily defeat higher PI level enemies at later events of a race event.

Pick your Car Lineup Carefully

Before you enter a race event, you will be required to pick three cars out of your garage which you will be using for the entire event. An event will have multiple races with different opponents so make sure that you bring high-performance level cars as well to an event because the final race in most events has tougher enemies.

You cannot change your car lineup once you have entered the event and the only way to change your lineup again is either you complete the whole racing event or quit the event and go back to the menu. Bringing cars of different PI will certainly help you in all racing events.

Collect Daily Rewards

Forza Street offers different rewards for players loyal to the game. First off a CR reward is given to players after every couple of hours. CR is used in different in-game purchases and activities so make sure that you check back often and collect the free CR. Apart from this, you will earn rewards for simply signing in the game every day. Login after every 24 hours and you will earn a reward better than the previous time you signed in. These rewards refresh every 30 days.

This concludes our Forza Street Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. I’m almost lvl 14,waiting to get to lvl 15 since you can’t dominate the first chapter of the story mode without entering with 3 different classes in the event. Here’s a good tip i would say,don’t be afraid to race cars that are over your own car’s power,if you do a perfect start,brakes,accel and corners you can beat opponents up to 50-60 power over your car 😉 Also don’t forget to use nitro after every turn,it gives you distance from the opponent and if you do it right you will have a double nitro for the last straight line to the finish 🙂 If you want to add me,tudy000 is my nick name on the xbox app.

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