Final Fantasy Weapons Guide – How to Get All Weapons

Final Fantasy Weapons Guide

There are several weapon choices in Final Fantasy 16 that become available as you progress in the story. With each quest that you start, you will unlock weapons that can either be purchased, or crafted if you have the required materials. As the game progresses, you will get better weapons with high damage and stagger stats to take on tougher enemies. This Final Fantasy Weapons Guide will show all weapons with their stats, and how to get all of them.

Final Fantasy Weapons Guide

There are a lot of weapons in the game that will become available during game quests. Weapons are mostly unlocked during quests or after quests, where you can either purchase them or craft them using the crafting materials. Additionally, there will be a few weapons that are obtained from inside chests at certain locations.

Weapon Stats How to Get
Ancient Sword
  • ATK: 252
This weapon can be found from a chest in Dhalmekia, in The Steps of the Forgotten.
Bastard Sword
  • ATK: 110
  • STGR: 110
Can be crafted or purchased after completing “The Awakening” quest.
Blood Sword Collector’s Edition weapon.
  • ATK: 130
  • STGR: 130
Game pre-order reward item
  • ATK: 270
  • STGR: 270
Can be crafted after getting the Light Shards dropped by Bahamut boss
  • ATK: 80
  • STGR: 80
Can be crafted or purchased after completing “A Chance Encounter” quest
Coral Sword
  • ATK: 185
  • STGR: 185
Obtained from a chest that is inside the Drake’s Head mine
  • ATK: 320
  • STGR: 320
Weapon becomes unlocked during the “Streets of Madness” quest and can be obtained from Goetz’s Toll.
Diamond Sword
  • ATK: 245
  • STGR: 245
Can be purchased from Goetz’s Toll during the the Crystalline Dominion
  • ATK: 230
  • STGR: 215
Can be purchased from Charon’s Toll during the “Out of the Shadow” quest.
  • ATK: 315
  • STGR: 315
This weapon needs to be crafted using Dark Shards dropped by Barnabas Boss.
  • ATK: 268
  • STGR: 268
Complete the Blacksmith’s Blues II to get the weapon’s Design Draft before you can craft it.
  • ATK: 180
  • STGR: 180
Can be crafted using Flame Shards dropped by the Infernal Eikon
Gaia Blade
  • ATK: 140
  • STGR: 140
Can be crafted after unlocking it in “The Wages of Guilt” quest.
  • ATK: 375
  • STGR: 375
Complete all Blacksmith’s Blues questline to get this weapon’s Design Draft and materials.
  • ATK: 225
  • STGR: 225
Can be crafted using the Earth Shards dropped by Hugo Kapka.
  • ATK: 300
  • STGR: 300
This weapon unlocks itself during the “Across the Narrow” quest. You can purchase it or craft with the required materials.
Imperial Infantry Blade
  • ATK: 75
  • STGR: 75
Unlocked automatically and it is your starting weapon.
  • ATK: 165
  • STGR: 165
Obtained during the “Hold On” quest. It will unlock just after the cutscene with Lady Hanna.
  • ATK: 195
  • STGR: 195
Can be crafted using the Lightning Shard dropped by the Republican War Panther.
  • ATK: 95
  • STGR: 95
Can be crafted at the Blacksmith after completing the “Awakening” quest.
  • ATK: 310
  • STGR: 310
This weapon is stored inside a chest that is in Waloed part of the Shadow Coast in Skaithfarr. The chest will be next to the Pandemonium Notorious Mark.
Platinum Sword
  • ATK: 200
  • STGR: 200
Can be crafted using materials, or purchased from Charon’s Toll after completing “After the Storm” quest.
  • ATK: 325
  • STGR: 325
-To Be Added Soon-
Rosarian Oath
  • ATK: 55
  • STGR: 55
Can be used in the Prologue section of the story.
Rune Blade
  • ATK: 275
  • STGR: 275
Can be crafted using materials, or can be purchased from Charon’s Toll during the “A Song of Hope” quest.
Sparring Sword
  • ATK: 55
  • STGR: 55
This is a simple tutorial weapon that you use temporarily.
  • ATK: 135
  • STGR: 135
Can be crafted using Wind Shard dropped by Garuda boss.
Ultima Weapon
  • ATK: 700
  • STGR: 700
Craftable after starting New Game +. Check out the Ultima Weapon guide for more information.

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That’s all the weapons in the game as shown in this Final Fantasy 16 Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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