Final Fantasy Letting Off Steam II Quest Guide – How to Complete

Final Fantasy Letting Off Steam II Quest Guide

“Letting Off Steam II” is the second main quest of the same name in Final Fantasy 16, where Mid requires yet another task from you for the Enterprise’s engine troubles. The first quest required you to find some Stardust for your chosen companion, but this time you will be facing a Notorious Mark enemy. This Final Fantasy Letting Off Steam II Quest Guide will show you what you need to do in the quest and how to complete it.

Final Fantasy Letting Off Steam II Quest Guide

“Letting Off Steam II” is a main quest that begins in The Hideaway during the “Out of Shadow” main quest when you talk to Helena the Engineer. While the first quest required you to get gather some materials, this time you are going to fight the Ahriman enemy.

The first task in the quest is to head to Lostwing towards the marked location on your map. To do this, head into Laubert’s Pass through the southern gate to find Helena once again.

Talk to Helena and then make your way to the ruins where you need to slay the creature that lives there. The creature in question is the Ahriman Notorious Mark, an enemy that you might have fought before you hunted the Notorious Mark earlier in the story.

The final task here is to fight off and beat the Ahriman to complete the quest. The Ahriman uses four blue orbs which then disappear to form a red ring of damage. Getting caught in this attack will instantly kill Clive.

Once you have defeated the Ahriman, the quest will be completed, giving you the following rewards:

  • 1x Meteorite
  • The Eye of the Warrior Accessory
  • 40 Renown
  • 600 XP


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That’s how you can complete this quest as detailed in this Final Fantasy Letting Off Steam II Quest Guide. Post your comments below.

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