Final Fantasy 7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Location Guide – Where to Find

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This Final Fantasy 7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Location Guide will show you where to find all of the Corneo’s stash. This side quest is obtained when you reach the 14th chapter of the game and is called Corneo’s Secret Stash.

The first part of the quest involves you finding the Corneo Vault Key, which is given to you by Kyrie. Let’s look at how you can complete the quest, and where you can find the secret stash

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Corneo’s Secret Stash Location Guide

Below we have detailed all the locations where you can find Corneo’s secret stash, and how to complete the side quest.

How to Get Corneo’s Secret Stash Key

The first thing you need to do in this quest is to go to the Guardian Angel’s hideout and towards the Lookout Point. Here you will find Mireille and you will then be tasked to finding Kyrie. You can find her at the church, where she will be inside next to Aerith’s Flowers.

Talk to Kyrie, and she will want you to fight Shinra enemies in Corneo’s Colosseum in the Wall Market. You need to win this battle and then head back to Kyrie to get the Key for the secret stashes.

Corneo’s Secret Stash Locations

To get the first secret stash, head over to Steel Mountain where it will be inside one of the chests and crates here. Smash every crate and loot the chest and you will find the stash in one of them.

The second stash is in the tunnel of the Collapsed Expressway. You need to enter this tunnel from the north entrance and then head to take the first left. The stash will be behind the gate. The final Stash is found in the sewers area of the game, which might take some time to play Chapter 14. When the Sewers are accessible after the water level is lowered, you will have to beat a tough enemy here and then look for the stash.

Once you have all the stash rewards, you need to give it to Marle to complete the quest.

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