Final Fantasy 16 The Gathering Storm Quest Guide – How to Complete

Final Fantasy 16 The Gathering Storm Quest Guide

The Gathering Storm is one of the main quests in Final Fantasy 16, which comes directly after you have finished the “Home, Sweet Home” quest. This quest contains two more quests where the first one is to find out about Martha, while the second requires you to scatter the ashes. This Final Fantasy 16 The Gathering Storm Quest Guide will show you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete The Gathering Storm Quest in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 The Gathering Storm Quest Guide

Immediately after completing the previous quest “Home, Sweet Home”, the new quest begins as Otto comes into Clive’s room to talk about Martha and her disappearance. You now have to head to the mess to talk to him about Martha’s whereabouts.

After talking to him, head to Martha’s Rest to investigate the matter and to locate her. A new cutscene will start a new quest called “Dark Clouds Gather”. This quest is also the first main objective of The Gathering Storm quest where you will find out about Martha and her being arrested.

Follow the marker that will want you to go to Glaidemond Abbey, and take the elevator that will take you down to Martha’s location. After talking to her, you only need to head to the next location to beat the Black Shields that arrested and trapped Martha. Follow this by looking for the abbot in the building outside. After the short cutscene, a new quest will begin called “Release”.

The new quest takes you to a new location, as marked on your map, where you have to fight the Ahriman Notorious Mark, just as you are making your way to Riddock’s Jump. You don’t necessarily have to fight the monster, as it is not required for the quest, but continue straight towards Riddock’s Jump to scatter the ashes.

Once you have done that, head back to Martha’s Rest to talk to her, followed by going to The Hideaway and talking to Gav. The quest ends when you travel to Hawk’s Cry Cliff marking the completion of The Gathering Storm.

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