Final Fantasy 16 Potion Upgrades Guide – How to Increase Potion Potency and Capacity

Final Fantasy 16 Potion Upgrades Guide – How to Increase Potion Potency and Capacity

In Final Fantasy 16, you can upgrade the Potency and the Capacity of Potions that you can have. Upgrade the Potions capacity and potency means that you have more slots for potions and that the duration of the buff provided by the potions is increased to the maximum. This Final Fantasy 16 Potion Upgrades Guide will show you how to get all four Potion capacity and potency upgrades in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Potion Upgrades Guide

For the Potions upgrade, the game highlights the quests with a green plus (+) sign, which indicates the quests that you can complete to get the upgrades.

Potion Potency Upgrades

There are two Potion Potency upgrades that you can get in Final Fantasy 16. Both the upgrades are obtained by completing two side quests called “The Root of the Problem” and “Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol”.

The Root of the Problem Quest

In the first quest, you need to find three morganbeards and give them to Nigel, who gives you the quest in The Hideway. You can find several morganbeards in the northern region of Rosaria. Once you have enough of the required items, head back to Nigel to complete the quest.

Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol Quest

The second quest for the Potency upgrade is again given to you by Nigel in the Hideway. This time the botanist is looking for morbol tendrils, which can only be obtained by defeating the Extraordinary Morbol called Carrot. You can find its location from the hunt board and then make your way to The Whispering Waters in Rosaria to find the Morbol. Defeat the monster and it will drop the morbol tendrils. Return back to Nigel to give him the tendrils.

Potion Capacity Upgrades

There are two more upgrades for Potions which increase your inventory size of carrying them. Both the upgrades are obtained as rewards for completing two quests which are “Weird Science” and “Even Weirder Science”. Both the side quests are given to you by Owain the Engineer in The Hideway.

Weird Science Quest

The first quest given to you by Owain requires you to get bomb ash. This item can be obtained by beating Bomb King in The Crock.

To find the bomb king, you first need to go to the hunt board to find the location of the enemy. You will find this location to be in the Crock region of Sandbreque. Beat the Bomb King and you can then pick up three Bomb Ash from the ground. Return this item to Owain in The Hideway and he will give you the first Potion capacity upgrade.

Even Weirder Science

The second upgrade for the Potion capacity can be obtained from Owain who now requires you to get Spherical Echoes. These Echoes can be obtained from three different locations with enemies. The three locations where you can find Spherical Echoes are:

  • Lostplume
  • Advent
  • Silent Sough

After obtaining Spherical Echoes from all three locations, return to Owain and give him the echoes. In return, he will give you the last Potion capacity upgrade.

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That’s how you can get all four Potion upgrades as shown in this Final Fantasy 16 Potion Upgrades Guide. Post your comments below.

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