Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Abilities Guide – All Eikon Abilities and What They Do

Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Abilities Guide

Eikon Abilities are special abilities that Clive can unlock and use to enhance and strengthen his power with the help of Eikons’ There are eight different Eikons in the Final Fantasy 16 and each contains various abilities that you can unlock and use for different buffs. This Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Abilities Guide will detail all the Eikons and their abilities and what each ability does.

Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Abilities Guide

In total there are eight Eikons, each with their own set of special abilities that you can unlock and use:

Phoenix Abilities

Ability Effect
Rising Flames Summon a fiery wing that deals damage and can launch lighter enemies into the air.
Heatwave Summon a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame before launching several deadly shockwaves. Wave force is amplified upon dispelling magic.
Flames of Rebirth Summon a massive pillar of fire that burns all enemies caught within the flames, while also partially restoring Clive’s health.
Phoenix Shift Use the Blessing of the Phoenix to close the gap between a target. Both melee attacks and magicked shots can be dealt while shifting.
Scarlet Cyclone Spin quickly, creating a ring of fire that burns all enemies in range.

Ifrit Abilities

Ability Effect
Will o’ the Wykes Summon a storm of fireballs that circle about Clive, damaging nearby targets, while also absorbing damage.
Limit Break Use L3 and R3 when the Limit Break gauge is filled to semi-prime, improving battle performance for a short period of time.
Ignition Attack while charging, inflicting multiple hits and forcing the enemy back. Can be used in midair.

Ramuh Abilities

Ability Effect
Pile Drive Drive Ramuh’s staff into the ground, electrifying all enemies within a radius of the strike.
Lightning Rod Create a ball of lightning that, upon being struck, chains lightning to other nearby enemies.
Blind Justice Launch a barrage of ball lightning at one or more enemies. Targets are determined by locking onto them before executing the ability. Ball lightning will affix itself to a target and can be caused to discharge, dealing additional damage, if the target is attacked.
Judgment Bolt Summon from the heavens a mighty levinbolt that deals massive damage to a single target.
Thunderstorm Call forth a powerful thunderstorm that rains multiple bolts of lightning down a target.

Shiva Abilities

Ability Effect
Diamond Dust Summon a winter storm that freezes enemies in place within a radius before dealing massive ice damage and knocking them back.
Rime Summon a colossal ice crystal that deals continuous damage to all enemies that become trapped inside it.
Ice Age Unleash a river of icicles that greatly knocks back any enemies it strikes. Hold button to increase potency.
Mesmerize Launch multiple shards of ice that, upon striking lighter enemies, draw them toward Clive. Can be used in midair.
Cold Snap Slide effortlessly across the ground in any direction. Attacking with SQUARE while sliding can temporarily freeze enemies.

Garuda Abilities

Ability Effect
Aerial Blast Summon a tornado that slowly hunts down nearby enemies and, upon ensnaring them, inflicts multiple hits.
Rook’s Gambit Jump back, then deliver a punishing counter. If the jump evades an attack, counter potency is increased. Can be used in midair.
Deadly Embrace Send a grappling claw out to grab an enemy and pull it toward Clive. Grappling heavier enemies will launch Clive into the air.
Wicked Wheel Perform a rising attack, striking all enemies within range and lifting them from the ground. Can be used in midair.
Gouge Summon twin claws that relentlessly tear at a target. Can be used in midair.

Bahamut Abilities

Ability Effect
Wings of Light Begin casting Megaflare. Press CIRCLE to execute. The length of the casting determines the potency of the spell.
Flare Breath Breathe forth a plume of light-aspected flame that deals continuous damage.
Impulse Summon multiple spheres of light that, upon striking an enemy, deal it continuous damage, binding it to the spot.
Satellite Summon multiple light-aspected familiars that attack any enemy on which Clive uses magic.
Gigaflare Fire a massive beam of overcharged light that burns any enemy it hits.

Odin Abilities

Ability Effect
Gungnir Summon the legendary spear Gungnir and execute an extended flourish of deadly slices and strokes. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
Heaven’s Cloud Surge forward to strike an enemy. Can be executed multiple times in succession if previous hit lands. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
Rift Slip Use to recover immediately from any ability or action.
Arm of Darkness Replace Clive’s current weapon with Odin’s blade. Landing abilities with the Arm of Darkness fills the Zantetsuken gauge. Hold SQUARE to execute Zantetsuken.
Dancing Steel Summon a second blade and unleash a flurry of attacks. Each hit landed significantly fills the Zantetsuken gauge.

Titan Abilities

Ability Effect
Raging Fists Step forward and deliver a blinding flurry of high-speed punches. Blocking an enemy attack with the step forward increases the potency of the following punches.
Windup Punch forward. Hold button to wind up attack, further increasing potency.
Earthen Fury Drive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.
Titanic Block Block enemy attacks. When a guard is timed perfectly, SQUARE can be used to launch up to three counterattacks.
Upheaval Slam a fist to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within range. Hold button to increase range. Can be used in midair.

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That’s all the abilities as shown in this Final Fantasy 16 Eikon Abilities Guide. Post your comments below.

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