Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Boss Guide – How to Beat Behemoth King

Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Boss Guide

One of the Notorious Marks that you will remember in Final Fantasy 16 is the Behemoth King, the Masterless Marauder. The boss is quite tough as you will soon find out and will test out your skills as you look for it after picking it from the Hunt Board. This Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Boss Guide will show you what attacks to look out for and how you can effectively beat this Notorious Mark in the game.

Final Fantasy 16 Behemoth King Boss Guide

As a Notorious Mark that you have to take up from the Hunt Board, you will have to look for the boss on your own from the map. You can fight this boss after you have completed the “Back to Their Origin” main quest in the story of Final Fantasy 16. Before you head out to take on the boss, consider taking the Ring of Timely Evasion as the meteor attacks are going to be tricky to avoid.

The Behemoth King, the Masterless Marauder can be found in the Kingdom of Waloed, and the quickest way to get to it is by first fast traveling to the Vidargraes Obelisk and then heading southwest from the obelisk into the center of the Kingdom of Waloed.

Coming to the attacks of the Behemoth King, they are one of the most overwhelming attacks that can leave you puzzled or frustrated. The Behemoth King summons lightning and will dash at you, but these attacks are nothing compared to its variety of meteor shower attacks. These projectiles rain down from the sky and will vary in different sizes, with an AoE that you will have to look out for.

The meteors or comets are fiery rocks that rain down from the sky and send forth a shockwave as they crash on the ground. The smaller meteors can be dodged by moving away, but the larger ones are what you have to be wary of.

The first attack that the Behemoth King starts with is multiple lightning strikes and a dash forward. The attacks are simultaneous, meaning that you not only have to dodge the beams of lightning but also have to dodge the rushing boss as it runs forward to hit you. The second attack in the early phase is the Four Horsemen, where the boss summons four meteors from the sky that crash land at the same time and send a shockwave out. The best way to avoid this attack is to time your jump and launch yourself up to avoid the shockwave.

When you have depleted at least 40% of the boss’ max health, the Behemoth King will now produce more meteor attacks where this time it will be the Reign of Fire. This attack brings several meteors raining down at you from above. The meteors will take up most of the battle area, but their impact location will be highlighted on the ground, giving you some chance of avoiding the attack.

When you have depleted the boss’s max health by at least 60%, you will now get the deadly Apocalypse attack. This is a combo attack, where the boss begins with two Reign of Fire attacks, followed by two Four Horsemen attacks, and finally ending with a large meteor crash called Apocalypse. If the first two sets of attacks were not overwhelming enough, the boss finishes with the most powerful meteor attack that sends a large shockwave throughout the battle area.

You have to avoid the Apocalypse attack at all costs, as it can down you with just one hit.

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