Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas Boss Fight Guide – How to Beat, Attacks

Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas Boss Fight Guide

One of the toughest bosses you will face in Final Fantasy 16 is Barnabas. The first time you fight this boss, Barbas uses his Iron Flash attack to beat you, as it is meant to be in the first encounter in the story. However, when you finally meet him again, with a fair chance of beating him to progress in the story, you can do so by understanding the boss’s attacks, and how to counter them. And that is exactly what this Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas Boss Fight Guide will show you below.

Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas Boss Fight Guide

The best way to beat Barnabas is to first understand the way he likes to attack. You already know of his deadly Iron Flash attack that has already beaten you, and it is still going to remain deadly by killing you instantly. Additionally, the Iron Flash isn’t the only attack Barnabas has up his sleeve. His sword attacks with teleportation and beam attacks are equally powerful but offer you the opening you need to counterattack.

The first attack that Barnabas will produce in the boss battle, is using a variety of sword attacks immediately after teleporting from one point in the battle area to the other. These sword attacks can vary from a flurry of sword attacks in front of him, sword slash waves that travel horizontally, and a single sword attack that can travel in different directions.

All three of these attacks need to be avoided by using precision dodge and parrying at the right moment. If you are successful in this maneuver, you can then unleash your attacks, combos, and abilities on Barnabas in this open window of opportunity.

The next main attack is called the Lord’s Measure, which is a beam attack that the boss will summon. This is an AoE attack that you can avoid if you quickly recognize when it is about to begin and move away from the damage radius.

The last attack that Barnabas has is the most powerful and deadly attack called the Iron Flash. The boss charges up just before unleashing the attack, luring the player to think they can attack during this moment. However, that is the mistake that you will make and it will immediately end the battle if you attack the boss at any time during the Iron Flash attack.

Instead, the only reliable and best way to beat Barnabas is by solely looking for attacking opportunities during his teleportation attacks and by avoiding the beam attacks in between.

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That’s how you can successfully take down Barnabas in the game as shown in this Final Fantasy 16 Barnabas Boss Fight Guide. Post your comments below.

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