Field of Glory: Empires Diplomacy Guide – Conquer New Regions, Diplomacy Panel

Field of Glory: Empires Diplomacy

In this Field of Glory: Empires Diplomacy Guide, we will show you how Diplomacy works in the game, and how it affects the gameplay. Diplomacy works in a pretty straightforward way in the game and helps you take over newer regions.

The game provides a Diplomacy Panel that will offer you insight and provide options before you decide to take over a region. Our guide will detail how you can use Diplomacy to take over a new region, and what obstacles you can come across.

Field of Glory: Empires Diplomacy Guide

Below we have detailed how Diplomacy works in the game and how it can affect your gameplay.

How to Take Over a New Region

If you are going to invade and conquer a nation, you will need to be aware of two things. Any civilized nation you decide to take over, needs to be declared war upon. On the other hand, uncivilized nations do not require you to declare war and can be entered by just crossing the border. Uncivilized nations are hostile towards everyone and consider them the enemy.

Diplomacy Panel

In the Diplomacy Panel, there are three things you can look for. On the left, you can check any decisions that are being offered to you in a turn. On the central part of the panel shows any wars you are currently involved in. You can also inspect any banners that will show factors impacting any peace talks. Lastly, on the right side of the diplomacy panel is a list of all the treaties that you have active.

You can also click any other region and then look at the diplomacy panel, it will show all the diplomatic actions you can choose at this turn. These details contain the chances of your offer being accepted and the detailed information about the action you may choose.

The central part of the panel of a nation will display your relationship with this nation, while the right side will display the treaties of this nation. When you access the diplomacy channel, the map will switch to relationships mode. This will display the relationship status an empire has with the selected nation. This can be a quick and easy way to determine who would make good allies in future wars.

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