Field of Glory: Empires Combat Guide – How to Win Battles

Field of Glory: Empires Combat Guide

In this Field of Glory: Empires Combat Guide, we will show you how battles work in the game, and how you can fight with enemies in order to win battles. We will also show how effective battles become when you have the right type of Army units that are experienced.

Winning a battle depends on the type of army units you have, the General leading your army, and how you would want your army units to be experienced in combat and battle out like veterans.

Field of Glory: Empires Combat Guide

Below we have detailed how battles work in the game, how you can win them and how you should prepare your army units before heading out in the battlefield.

How to Battle

Before you begin your battle, you will be given an option to view the details of the results or if you want to look at the details to fight tactically.  Combat in Field of Glory: Empires looks simply but there is a lot going on.

When you are ready for a fight, your army units will deploy automatically with the strongest in the center. Your Archers and Skirmishes will attack from a ranged phase and will pick a random target that is shown with an orange crosshair. Damaged dealt in the ranged phase is only applied against the effectiveness points and not the hit points.

After the ranged phase, skirmishes will move to the back to the support line. When the main combat starts, it is fought in a series of duels, where units in each rank fight against the opposing number. Army units can survive if their effectiveness is reduced to zero, however, if the unit hits are completely gone, the unit will be destroyed.

On the other hand, Cavalry can evade and avoid some damage, while skirmishes may offer some damage even in defeat. You can also flank the enemy if any side of your line extends past the opposing line. This can be devastating for the opponents, so its best to ensure you have the front covered.

When one side has dealt enough damage, and when the battle is nearing its end, the battle turns into Pursuit. The attacker will then try to chase and take down the remaining units of the opposing army.

City Siege

A city siege is when you occupy an enemy region that contains a settlement with a garrison. Here, you can find walls that dictate the fortification level of the city during your assault, and they also provide additional garrison troops. The fortification effect stays on to its full effect until the last wall is breached

When you have to attack a city, you need medium infantry. This is because these units are city assault specialists. Attacking medium infantry get a bonus to their attack rating during city assaults.

If you are on the other end, with an enemy attacking your city. Skirmish units get a defense bonus when defending a city assault. Each game year that a city is under siege, the population of the city that includes the troops and the people, will eat the city’s food reserves. If the city has a port, some food can make through via smuggling. However, this can be stopped by blocking out the port.

Once the food runs out, the troops will eventually die. Once the last garrison of a city falls, the region will now belong to the besieging force.

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