Farming Simulator 19 Beginners Guide – Leasing Machines, Harvesting, Storing Crop Yields

Farming Simulator 19 Beginners Guide

In this Farming Simulator 19 Beginners Guide, we will show you step by step how you can grow your crop, with whatever resources you begin with, until you can grow your own fully functional farm in the game.

There are a lot of things you can do that is related to farming and raising crops and livestock in Farming simulator 19. There are several possibilities in the game that you can use to yield more from your produce, and more from your animal breeding. With the return of profits, you can even buy heavier and expensive machinery that will further your profits even more.

Farming Simulator 19 Beginners Guide

Below we guide you with the basic of Farming Simulator 19, and show you what to expect when you first start the game, and how you can get up to speed with the correct way of farming in the game.

Leasing Machinery

The first thing you will absolutely need is to get some machinery on your side. Since you are just beginning, buying a machine is not the best option right now, so leasing is the best way to go.

Leased machinery cannot be upgraded nor modified, which is where you are restricted. But since you are just starting, you will not need that much of upgrades in the machines for your crops.

Right Vehicle to Choose Early On

When you decide on a vehicle, make sure you are getting the right kind of vehicle for the job that you require on the fields. There are many tractor choices, but if you chose an under powered tractor on a demanding job, then the machine will be less efficient.

The best thing to consider when getting a vehicle or a specialized machine is to get something that is easy to handle and has a decent tank capacity.

Handling machinery is easier said than done, and with the added risk of riding over your plants and damaging them, you are also at risk of overturning the machines when riding them. This is where you are allowed the option to reset your vehicle.

A vehicle that is reset will appear next to the store; however, the contents of the vehicle will all be gone.

Taking Care of Your Plants

Your plants can be destroyed if you ride over them, as this setting comes by default in the game. However this option can be turned off in the game settings, and would be advisable if you are just getting familiar with everything.

Plants also destroy each other as they grow, but they do not do that in the early stages of the game. But if you have the option of destroying plants enabled in your game settings, it is highly advisable that you fertilize the field before you start planting, and then fertilize again when you are in the first phase of growth.

Crop Protection from Weeds

Your plants also need to be protected from weeds, and you can only prevent them from growing in the first or the second growth stage. In case that you forget to take them out, your yield will be at least 20% less because of the weeds.

Storing Crop Yields

In the early stages of the game, you will have the option to store your crops in public silos that are around the railway tracks. These silos will be free of charge and you can store everything like cereals, crops, seeds or even leftover/spare fertilizers.

In it worth mentioning that some types of crops cannot be lifted to store in these silos until you have spoons and stripe systems.

Buy More Fields

When you are on track of farming and how it works, you obviously would want to expand on your produce, which in return demands you buy more fields. Fields that can be purchased are being cultivated by AI players nearby.

To buy the field, you should wait for a new plot of land until the crop is harvested on it, as this will save you time and your resources on planting new crops, instead you can collect the harvest a lot sooner than you would have otherwise.

Getting More Out of Your Harvest

When you are harvesting any type of grain like oats, barley, rye and wheat, the harvester will leave behind a lot of straw. This is a waste if you do not make use of it as it will give you a slight more profit out of your yield.

This straw can be harvested with a loading wagon, and can be made into bales to sell as straw or us it in your animal husbandry.

If you decide not to collect it, this straw can pile up and can block the operation of another vehicle that will be working on your field. To avoid this, you need to make sure to turn off collecting it in your combine harvester.

This concludes our Farming Simulator 19 Beginners Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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