Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Walkthrough – Defeat Jacob Seed, All Story Missions

Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Walkthrough Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Walkthrough Guide we will cover Far Cry 5’s Whitetail Mountains region. This guide follows after our Henbane River walkthrough, liberating the region and defeating Faith.

Whitetail Mountains are ruled by Jacob Seed, who is the brother of Joseph Seed. This region is mainly used for training of the cult army and hunters.

To get to Jacob Seed you need to get 13000 resistance points. And to do this you need to complete main mission stories, liberate cult outposts, destroy cult properties and save hostages. Each one of these mission will add up your resistance point that you will need to reach Jacob Seed.

Whitetail Mountains – All Story Mission Walkthroughs

Below we have detailed all story missions that you need to complete in the Whitetail Mountains region of Far Cry 5 in order to take out Jacob.

Far Cry 5 Whitetail Mountains Walkthrough Guide

Baron Lumber Mill

When you reach Whitetail Mountains, talk to Dutch who will ask you to check on his niece near Baron Lumber Mill.

Go to the mill, where you will have to kill all enemies and liberate the area. Watch out for the sniper on top of the tower. Kill him by going up the front stairs and jumping through the window. You can get some items here. From the door go outside, and take down the peggie.

Then return to the center and access the ramp. Take cover when you are moving ahead, as enemies are watching you from all side. Defeat all the enemies and proceed to rescuing the hostages.

Lastly, look for Jess and talk to her to complete the mission.

A Dish Served Cold

After completing the previous mission, Jess will ask you to continue with her to another location. This will start a new mission where you have to kill The Cook.

Follow Jess, and kill any enemy along the way. When you reach the camp, jess will ask you to kill the enemies and save the hostages. You need to approach with stealth as the enemy can kill the hostages. Once you liberate the camp and rescue all hostages, head ahead to a new location marked as a waypoint.

This new location will be a quarry full of enemies and hostages. You have to repeat by killing the enemies and saving the hostages. One of the hostages will tell you the location of the Cook. Go to this new location where you will see the cook and enemies surrounding the area. it’s better to clear the outer enemies first and then going on to challenging the Cook. Kill the Cook and talk to Jess to complete the mission.

Missing in Action

At the Wolf’s Den go and talk to Eli. He will send you to the Visitor’s Center for this mission. In the quest you need to be in stealth mode at all times and rescue four hostages.

Eli will let you know of a drainage tunnel nearby that will take you closer to the hostages. going through this route will bring you to the bottom of the stairs of Visitor’s Center. Take out the enemies without alerting anyone else and rescue the hostages.

Eli will next tell you to go to Hawkeye Tunnel to rescue more hostages. Go to the tunnel and kill the few enemies towards the entrance of the tunnel. Move in deeper in the tunnel to kill the rest of the peggies and rescue hostages. a enemy helicopter will then attack you, grab the rocket launcher nearby to shoot it down. This will complete the mission.

A Right to Bear Arms

To start this mission, head over to F.A.N.G Center in Whitetail Mountains. If this is the first time you have been in this area, clear out the enemies of the area and liberate it.

Once you are done, talk to Wade who will tell you about a bear called Cheeseburger. This will start a mission where you have to locate the bear. Before you go, gather some salmon by going to a fishing spot marked on the map. Catch the fish and head to Linero Building Supplies.

When you reach this location, there will be a few enemies to take down. After clearing this area, find cheeseburger down the yard towards the water. Feed him the fish and you will gain his loyalty. Cult members will then swarm and attack your position; you can add the support of Cheeseburger to attack the enemies. Eliminate all cultists to complete the mission.

The Prodigal Son

Reach Fort Drubman that can be located on the North side of this region on the map. Talk to Hurk who will ask for your help to retrieve his campaign vehicle that the cultists have taken. To begin the mission, talk to Hurk Jr. who will assist you in the mission and take you to the location in his car.
When you reach this location, which is a watchtower, Hurk Jr. will use his rocket launcher to kill the enemies in the area.

When he is done, use the zip line following Hurk to the next area. at the end of the zip line, you will reach a cabin where you will find Hurk’ vehicle. Get in the vehicle on top to the machine gun of the vehicle and fire at the chasing enemies on the ATV’s. Along the road there will be a few roadblocks with enemies. Finally a helicopter will chase you, shoot it down with a rocket launcher before it destroys your vehicle. When you reach back into Fort Drubman, talk to Hurk Sr. to end the mission.

Make Hope Great Again

In Fort Drubman talk to Hurk Sr. he will ask you to go with his son and kill some peggies that didn’t vote for him.

Follow the waypoint on the map. When you reach the location, get to a cliff so can have a good vantage point to tag and kill enemies. During the attack, enemy helicopters will show up. You can command Hurk Jr. to take the helicopters down while you clear the area below. Once all the enemies are killed the mission is complete

The World is Weak

When you have gained enough resistance points, Jacob will send his hunters to get you. This will begin this mission.

After the cut scene, you wake up in a room and have to get out before the time runs out. Once you have control, pick the weapon up from the table and kill the two enemies seated across. Headshots are bonuses and will add to your timer.

Get out of the room and continue forward. You will find a new weapon on the table that you can use forward in the next area. There will be four enemies as you come out of the room. Two are near the high wall, one up on the balcony and another one at the higher level. You have to go straight and then turn right; another enemy will be to the right.

Jump over the broken wall and then get into the next room with deer corpse on the wall, you will get a new weapon here too. Now turn right at the Train graffiti and then keep moving towards the T Junction.

Keep looking for the enemies in the area, you will get another weapon and this time it will be a shotgun. Take the gun and head to the next large open room. There will be two more enemies at the side behind the fence. Moving forward, you will get the option to pick up a rifle. Pick up the rifle and take out the man on the left of stairs and then go up. Jump over the gap between broken staircases, where there will be another enemy on top. Next, you will have to jump at the blue ropes and get to the level of the target.

Jump to the next ledge and go down towards the square tunnel. This completes the mission and you will be back at Wolf’s Den.

We Must Be Strong

Jacob’s hunter will take you out again. This mission will begin with a cut scene where you wake up in a cage and Joseph Seed is talking to you

Once the cut scene is over, you end up in the same room as the previous mission and have to repeat the killing before the timer runs out. The room will continue for longer this time and you have to continue killing enemies that are all around the area.

After you have slid down the tunnel, take the new gun on the table and kill the person heading towards you from the doorway. In the room you will find two more enemies, kill them and keep moving forward.

Shoot the enemy behind the cover and move left. In the corridor, four enemies wait for you, followed by a room with a wolf’s head where the last enemy is. Clearing out this area will complete this mission, waking you in the forest around dead bodies.

Gearing up

To start this mission, head to Wolf’s Den and talk to Wheaty. He will ask you get the equipment that is stashed round that he needs.

The first place that would be marked as a waypoint will be the lookout tower. You need to get inside and take the map on the table next to a comic book.

When you head outside there will be two waypoints for the next locations. This new location takes you to Cooper Cabin which is the closes to the lookout tower

The entrance is through an underground bunker door that is located on the side of the cabin. Get the case from the bed. This will trigger peggies to appear outside to fight you. You have to fight them as you come out. Exit the place and travel to the third cabin.

Here, you will find out that the enemies have got there before you. A marker will indicate the one that has stolen the supplies. Follow him and stop him. Kill and bring the supplies back to Wheaty in Wolf’s Den. This completes the mission.

Sacrifice The Weak

Once again, having added up enough resistance points, Jacob will radio call and have you hunted again. When the mission starts with a cut scene, you will find yourself in his trap.
Following the cut scene after you get control, there is a similar game play as ‘We Must Be Strong’ mission.

Once you complete the course, Pratt will let you out of the cage, followed by a cut scene. Pratt will also tell you that the only way out of here is with a truck that can be used for the escape. In the cut scene he will push you from a balcony and black out.

When you wake up you find yourself on top of the truck Pratt was talking about, also finishing this mission.

Dinner Time

For this mission, start by going towards MCA Mobile Lab. Look on the east side of Baron Lumber Mill in the region and find Sarah Perkins to talk to her. If you are visiting this area for the first time you will have to take down all the enemies in this area.

Sarah Perkins will tell you to visit Breakthrough Camp to study the judges. At the location, you will have to fight off a few cultists in the area, and then you will locate three judges a little further in the camp. At the backside of camp, you will have to kill a few more of them and wait for Sarah.

To catch a judge, find the yellow lever on a panel at the center of camp. This will open up the gate. Then put a dead body in the feeding trough that is inside the cage to lure a judge. Hide somewhere, and wait for the judge to enter the cage. Close the gate to trap the judge, and head over to talk to Sarah Perkins. This will complete this mission.

Get Free

Get begin this mission, get to the Wolf’s Den, and locate Eli there. He will ask you to rescue one of the whitetails that Jacob has captured.

Eli will send you to Grand View Hotel that is located in the north of the area. This part has to be done with stealth or Briggs can be killed. The mission will fail if he dies.

Once you reach to look for the broken door on the west side, avoid coming into enemies contact. Take down enemies quietly. The more enemies you take down now will help for the fight later on, but keep it quiet. Next, go on the top floor and on the east side you will find a guard. Kill him and play the deprogramming tape.

Once you play it, a lot of enemies will swarm in waves due to the loud sound, you have to fight them off. Keep Briggs Safe during the enemy attack. From the balcony, you can take down any enemy that is approaching towards the cabin n the first wave of attack. There are mounted guns as well that you can use to attack.

Then the second wave will bring boats and helicopters that you have to take down. With that, more trucks and sniper cultist will appear. You have to keep fighting unless all are gone.
After the fight, whitetails will show up to rescue Briggs and the mission will end.

Radio Silence

For this mission, head towards Wolf’s Den and talk to Tammy. She will tell you about destroying jammers on radio towers.

There will be three of them around. The first one is on the north side on a peak. Reach the peak and destroy the jammer that is on top of a radio tower by shooting at it.

The second one is on the northeast side of the cliff looking over the hotel. You can get there by foot. Once you reach the place, there will be a few groups of enemies around the tower. One enemy is having a flamethrower so approach with precaution. Kill all enemies and destroy the jammer.

The final jammer will be on a truck. Tammy will send you its location. You have to ambush the truck, for this either you can plant explosives in the path of the truck or you can use guns for hire to destroy the vehicles. This completes the mission. With having the truck destroyed the jammer gets destroyed with it too.

Eviction Notice

After completing the mission ‘Radio Silence’, find Tammy at Wolf’s Den to start this mission. She will want you blow up a training center for the chosen.

Go towards stone ridge chalet, which is a large house that is located on the south side of Wolf’s Den, mark all the enemies in the area and there will be two waypoints. In this part, you can play as you want, follow both the waypoints one by one. The first Chosen will be on the porch on the east of the building, and second will be inside armed with a bow. After killing Chosen, you have to head towards the next waypoint to plant bombs.

The waypoint will give you first bomb I.E.D location on the second floor located on the east of building. The next location to plant is in the basement. After planting both of the bombs you get 15seconds time to escape. Run to a safe distance and watch the explosion to complete the mission.

Only You

After gaining enough resistance points, you will hear the voice of Jacob on the radio, and you will be passed out.

When you wake up, you find yourself once again in the cage with Jacob around with the music box. You will be playing a similar shooting sequence where you have around 15 seconds only. Try getting headshots to gain some extra seconds. The last person you reach will be Eli, and killing him will wake you up in Wolf’s Den.

After killing Eli and waking up in Wolf’s Den, Wheaty will try to kill you while Tammy will stop him. She will then tell you to go kill Jacob or else she will kill you.

You will exit the den and see a dark red world. You have to destroy the beacons around to stop the music. The first one to destroy is on the right as you come out. There will be judges who will attack so keep an eye around.

Head to the next beacon, and you will see a weapons crate for ammo. There will also be a sniper rifle that you can use to destroy beacons from a distance. After destroying all the beacons you will be back to the real world to face Jacob.

Jacob will be positioned on top of the mountain with a sniper rifle, so use as much cover you can as you climb up to reach him. As you reach up, more cultists are waiting for you so be careful. Once you reach to the very top, Jacob will be vulnerable and an easy target.

The mission completes after the cut scene where Jacob dies and you take away his bunker keys.

Casualties of War

After you have killed Jacob Seed, Tammy will contact you over the radio to rescue the hostages from Jacob’s bunker that are trapped inside.

Head over to Cedar Lake, and reach Jacob’s Bunker. You can use a helicopter to travel quicker. As you land near the gate you will face heavy attack from the cultist. Take cover first, and slowly you have to kill down the enemies first. Clear the gate and then enter the bunker. The sniper is on the watch tower. Go down towards a locked door with Sacrifice written over it. Follow the waypoint, and you will reach a control room. Kill the enemies inside, and unlock pressure doors.

Next, you have to rescue Deputy Pratt. Follow the next waypoint, and you will reach a door that will lead you to Deputy Pratt. As you open the door there will be a cut scene. After the cut scene, escape the armory, you will be making your way all the way to exit, there will be cultist in your path. Following that, a cut scene will mark the end of the mission as you make your way out.

This concludes our walkthrough for the Whitetail Mountains region of Far Cry 5. If you wish to add anything to this article, please feel free to write your opinion in the comments below

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