Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Faith, All Story Missions

Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide we will cover Far Cry 5’s Henbane River region. This guide follows after our Holland Valley walkthrough, liberating the region and defeating John Seed.

Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide

Henbane River is the second region of Hope County and is ruled by Faith Seed, who is also part of the cult run by Joseph and the rest of the Seed brothers. This region is mainly used for the production Bliss which is a drug used to keep the cultists in control of the family.

Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide

To get to Faith Seed you need to get 13000 resistance points. And to do this you need to complete main mission stories, liberate cult outposts, destroy cult properties and save hostages. Each one of these mission will add up your resistance point that you will need to reach Faith Seed.

Hope County Jail

Head North towards Hope County Jail to support the sheriff. This location can be found on the map in Faith Seed’s region.

When you reach the prison, you have to defend it from the attacking peggies. After killing the few enemies in the front, locate a way to get inside the prison. Go to the right side of the outer walls of the prison; jump on the car then onto to bus to climb over the wall. This will get you inside the County Jail.

Kill all the peggies you find inside the compound of the prison where a cut scene will begin with the sheriff warning about incoming peggies and to defend the gate to the prison. Climb up back on the wall, and shoot at any approaching peggies on the outside. Some peggies will make it up the wall so keep a check behind you at all times. Equip a rocket launcher and shoot the fuel tanker that approaches after the enemy waves. This will trigger a cut scene and ending of the mission.

Here Kitty Kitty

To start the mission, head over to Peaches Taxidermy in the Henbane River region.

Once you reach the place, talk to Miss Mable who will ask you to get peaches the mountain lion back to her. Take some of peaches favorite treats from a large cage nearby. Your objective now will be to locate peaches and new waypoint will be marked where you should go.

When you reach the marked camp and kill the peggies, equip Peaches’ treats and throw them around to attract the mountain lion. Lure Peaches by occasionally throwing treats and lead her back the trail to her home. When you reach back to Peaches Taxidermy, there will be an ongoing attack by the peggies. Clear out the area or order Peaches to attack an enemy.

When all enemies are dead, lead Peaches back to her cage by throwing a treat inside of it. End the mission by talking to Miss Mable. This also adds Peaches into your roster of Fangs for Hire.

Friendly Skies

Go over to The Drubman Marina in the north side of Henbane River region. There will be a few peggies so you have to clear out the location first. Find Adelaide to start the mission. She will ask you to retrieve her helicopter that was stolen by the peggies. This will also trigger three waypoints that you must go to.

The first location is the McCoy Cabin. Kill the enemies present there and wait for a helicopter that lands nearby. Kill the pilot and move to the next waypoint.

The second location is the Fire Tower. You will find the pilot on top of the tower with a few enemies beside her. Kill the pilot along with the enemies and precede to the last waypoint.

The last waypoint will take you to a lookout where you need to use your binoculars to locate a flying helicopter. This will be Adelaide’s helicopter. Wait for it to land and then proceed to attack the enemies and the pilot. Get in the helicopter and fly it back to the Drubman Marina.

When you reach the Marina, you will find cultists attacking it. Now you can use the weapons equipped on the helicopter to take down the enemies below. When all is clear below, and the helicopter and talk to Adelaide to end the mission.

Burn Baby Burn

For this mission, go to the Moonflower Trailer Park in the Henbane River region to find Sharky atop the trailers.

Talk to Sharky to start the mission. Sharky will then play loud music and the Angels, who are the mind controlled enemies, will start appearing from all sides. Kill al the angels before they can climb on top of the trailers to your position. Explosive weapons will come in handy to kill multiple swarms of enemies.

Once you are done playing a few waves, Sharky will ask you to turn off the music. Run around the area to turn off each speaker that is playing the music. During this time, Angels will be attacking while the music is still running, so be vigilant. After destroying the speakers and when the music off, clear out the rest of the enemies and then talk to Sharky to end the mission.

A Leap of Faith

This mission is entirely a cut scene where you will encounter Faith Seed.

When you go to rescue hostages near Henbane River, the hostage will disappear in a puff of smoke. You are then mysteriously transported to a dream where Faith Seed talks and leads you to the top of the giant Joseph Seed Statue and tells you to jump down from it. Walk the path and jump.

The mission ends when you find yourself waking up with bodies lying all around you.


Make you way to Drubman Marina and talk to Xander. He will want you to destroy the Bliss containers that are being shipped to someplace.

Head over to Misty River Gas Station to hack into a laptop. To do this, sneak in from the back without being detected and kill an enemy inside. Then hack the laptop which is on a work desk. While the hacking is in progress, a timer starts for one and a half minute where enemies will come to attack your position. Keep attacking and when the timer ends, clear the area and wait for Adelaide in her helicopter support you.

Proceed to Nelson residence where there will be a boat convoy. Follow the convoy which will lead to the location of the Bliss. Start destroying the Bliss containers that are scattered all over the place. Once you are done, Xander will radio call you and that will end the mission.

False Prophet

For this mission you need to head over to Hope County Jail and talk to Tracer. She can be seen guarding a wall of the prison. Talk to Tracer and she will want you to destroy the big statue of The Father.

Head over to the statue that is very easy to locate and can be seen from a long distance. Equip a rocket launcher and begin firing at the statue. Enemies will start their attack, so keep fighting them between your rocket fire. Shoot the statue body so that it is heavily damaged. Once the statue is destroyed, go over to climb to the top of it. Enemies will be present inside, so clear them out and proceed to getting to the next floor by climbing a ladder. More enemies will await you, on every floor you climb to the top. Once you succeed in getting to the top, locate Joseph’s book and throw it off the tower to complete the mission.

Clean Water Act

Return to Hope County Jail and talk to Virgil who will tell you about faith adding bliss in the water supply. For this mission, you have to locate the water treatment plant and destroy the pumps.

When you reach the plant, there will be peggies around the whole area, kill them all and then proceed to the first pool. Switch the button on for the pump control that will lower the water level of the second pool. This will help you get down to the drainage pipe that can be blown up with an explosive. Enter the drain hole after opening it and go through it to reach the first water pump room. Wait for the water level to rise so you can swim up through the hole. Now destroy the water pumps. Head back out over the round pool and activate the pump. Jump down the gap into the pool and head into the pipe between the two ladders. This will take you to the second pump room. Climb the ladder and destroy the rest of the pumps. This will end the mission.

Sins of The Father

Head over to Hope County Jail to meet Virgil again. He will tell you about a pharmacist, called Feeney who makes the Bliss. To start the mission, Virgil will send you to Jessop’s Conservatory.

When you reach this location, clear out the enemies and liberate it like any cult outpost. Equip a flame thrower, and start burning the bliss crops. Enemies will start approaching while you burn down the crops. Destroy all three of the crop location marked as waypoints.

Next part is to kill Feeney who flees away in the helicopter, go to the location Feeney ends up in, and track him down in a house. Kill the enemies around the area and get inside the house to eliminate Feeney. This ends the mission.


Go to Hope County Jail and talk to the Sheriff. He will talk about a place where people are being tortured. A waypoint will be marked to Moonflower Trailer Park

When you reach this location, you will see a big ship called The Misery. From a safe distance, mark out the area of all the enemies and proceed to play in stealth mode. From the West side of the ship, enter through to reach the center of the ship. Go down and kill a few enemies and then look for a ladder on the left. When you reach up there will be a peggie who can be easily taken down. Turn left and you will find two enemies with hostages. Kill the enemies, save the hostages and clear out the area.

When you finish, the final step will be to kill the priestess who will arrive from the river side of the area. Ambush the priestess and take the enemies out that accompany her. This will complete the mission.

Ignorance is Bliss

After getting enough Resistance points you will find yourself affected by the Bliss drug and pass out. After a cut scene, you will see a marshal sitting in a boat. When you get back the controls, chase the Marshal and kill him as you reach near. That will trigger another cut scene where you wake up back at Hope County Jail.

Doctor’s Orders

For this mission, reach Mastodon Geothermal Park which is north of Moonflower Trailer Park. Take out the enemies and save the doctor.

Talk to the doctor and he will ask you to retrieve his bag that is in the river nearby. Swim in the river and bring the bag back to the marked waypoint. When you resurface, there will be an enemy attack going on again. Clear out the location by killing all the enemies.

Talk to the doctor who will guide you to the next part of the mission. This time he will ask you to gather ingredients for a formula that can lure the angels. The ingredients are two Pronghorn and two Black Bear skins. These will all be marked as waypoints in the map. Gather all the items and head to Hope county Jail where the doctor will be found. Give the ingredients to the doctor which will complete the quest.

Clinical Study

This part can be accessed after completing the mission ‘Doctors Orders’. Talk to Doctor Charles Lindsay, who will give you the bait to test on the angels.

With the bait equipped head over to a farm that is west of Hope County Jail. Once you reach the area, you will see a lot of angels and cultists in the field. Firstly, kill the cultists without alerting any of the angels. Then sneak in to place the bait on the table, and climb on top of the house to see if the bait works. The doctor will then radio you and tell you that the bait has not worked on the angels. Kill the rest of the angels and collect more items for the doctors.

This time you need to collect two skunk skins. Once collected, return to the doctor with the ingredients to end the mission.

The Lesson

When you have added enough resistance points, you will again transport into a dream with Faith Seed in it. In the cut scene, you will get to see the Marshall that was captured earlier in the game.  After the cut scene, you will be back in front of the Hope County Jail with a lot of enemies infiltrating the area.

Run to left side of the prison towards its backside. You will find a grappling point that you can use to get on the roof. On the roof, there will be a few snipers attacking you. Find cover and follow the waypoint. To get to the inside of the prison, you will have to pass through a vent.

Once you go through the vent, you will spot an enemy straight ahead. Kill him and then take another one below. Right in the center of the prison you will see two hostages and a lot of cultist around. To save the hostages, approach the enemies with stealth.

Stay low and make your way towards Tracey’s prison where she will guide you to a key to release her. Get the key and free Tracey to complete this part of the mission.

Paradise Lost

This mission continues after you finish The Lesson.

Just as you leave the Jail, you will find yourself waking up up in a bliss infused world. Once ou have control, head towards the shining light in the middle of the open area. a cut scene will follow where you will see the Sheriff with Faith Seed.

When the cut scene ends your fight with Faith begins. She will send waves of angels to attack you while she will be floating mid air. Between each wave, she will throw 3 special attacks that you have to dodge. When you inflict enough damage to Faith, she will transport to a different position making it hard for you to trace her attacks.

Continue you attack. Eventually Faith’s health will decrease which will decrease her movement, thus making it easier to attack her more efficiently. Once Faith is defeated, another cut scene will follow before the next part of this mission.

Walk The Path

After defeating Faith Seed, you will still be continuing in the dream with a set path. At the end of the path, you will find Sheriff who will ask you to stop the production of bliss.

In this part of the mission, go to the 5 marked waypoints that lead you to cut off valves to stop the production of the Bliss. But there will be enemies before every valve. Take down the enemies and shut the valves one by one.

After you have defeated all the enemies and stopped the Bliss production, go outside of the bunker where a cut scene will mark the end of the mission.

This concludes our Far Cry 5 Henbane River Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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