Far Cry 5 Finale Walkthrough Guide – Kill Joseph Seed, Good Ending, Bad Ending, Bonus Ending

Far Cry 5 Finale Walkthrough Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Finale Walkthrough Guide, we will guide you to every possible ending of Far Cry 5. There are multiple endings to the game, let’s look at the first known two, followed by a secret ending later in the guide.

For the final mission, head to Joseph’s cult compound at the center of Hope county. Eliminate all of the cult leaders and confront Joseph, who will be sobbing over the loss of his family. Following the cut scene, you are left to decide whether to ‘Resist’ or ‘Walk away’. So choose as you prefer.

Far Cry 5 Ending Guide – All Endings Detailed

Below we have detailed both endings of the game and how to achieve them. We have also detailed the bonus ending to the game and how you can trigger it.

Resist (Good Ending)

If you choose to Resist, you will see he will spill two containers of bliss around. This will drive everyone crazy; your friends will attack you. You will have to attack back at them. Your attack will not kill your friends, as they will fall and can be revived by you to be on your side. Once you have revived all your friends, attack Joseph and the cult leader. As the cult leader dies, a flash of light and the sound of explosion can be seen in the distance.

With you getting into the truck, the sheriff and other deputies race to enter Dutch’s bunker for safety from the explosion. Before you reach the bunker, your car crashes into a tree and you are knocked unconscious.

When you wake up, you find the Father moaning about the loss of his family, promising a new beginning with you as his first child.

Walk Away (Bad Ending)

This scenario follows when you opt to Walk Away when you have confronted Joseph in his compound.

When choosing to walk away, you along with a reluctant Deputy Hudson, Pratt and sheriff Whitehorse get into a cult vehicle, deciding to leave everyone behind in Hope County in Joseph’s hands

As you drive off with them, Sheriff Whitehorse reassures Deputy Hudson that they are not abandoning the residents of Hope County, but that they will go to the next place called Missoula to alert and get help of the National Guard and return with more force to take Hope County back in control from Joseph. After the conversation, sheriff decides to put some music on the radio of the car, where the song ‘only you’ starts playing, while your vision starts to turn red and the screen blackens and the credits start to roll.

Keeping in mind, ‘Only You’ is the song that Jacob used to brainwash you into killing people with the visions that you kept on having after listening to this song. We can only assume that you end up killing every passenger in the vehicle before they can alert the authorities in Missoula.

Secret Ending (Easter Egg)

This ending takes place at the start of the game where there is a hidden ending.

When you are told to handcuff Joseph in the beginning of the game, you can opt to do nothing. After a few minutes sheriff Whitehorse will give up and all three of you including the marshal, leave the church and the credits start to roll.

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This concludes our walkthrough for the Finale of Far Cry 5. If you wish to add anything to this article, please feel free to write your opinion in the comments below.

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