Fabledom Version 1.0: A Fairy Tale City-Building Adventure Launches May 13

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Grenaa Games, a small indie studio comprising two passionate developers, along with the support of publisher Dear Villagers, is delighted to unveil the official launch of Fabledom Version 1.0 on May 13. Following a year-long journey in Early Access, during which it garnered over 2,800 player reviews—89% of them positive—surpassed 150,000 copies sold, and amassed more than 330,000 wishlists, Fabledom is primed to enchant players worldwide with its whimsical charm and engaging gameplay.

Set in a delightful fairy tale realm populated by trolls, knights, and princesses, Fabledom presents a heartwarming and optimistic take on city-building games. The game invites players from across the five continents to immerse themselves in a cozy kingdom where they can embark on adventures in settlement, construction, trade, and diplomacy—perhaps even romance!

Check out the 1.0 Release Date Trailer below:

Fabledom’s recent captivating update, “A Wedding in a Chateau,” introduced new mechanics and structures, including the prestigious Castle and the romantic Feasting Hall. These additions offer players a chance to embark on romantic journeys culminating in unforgettable wedding ceremonies, adding depth and emotion to their gameplay experiences.

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The upcoming PC release of Fabledom Version 1.0 promises an array of features designed to captivate players:

  • Create Your Kingdom: Build your kingdom from scratch, filling it with castles, barracks, farms, houses, and more, allowing for a unique and personalized village.
  • Customization: Customize buildings with various decorations and utilities to create a cozy and functional village that suits your vision.
  • Military Strategies: Gather your army, select your champion, and defend your kingdom against adversaries or embark on conquests to collect epic items and gear.
  • Diplomatic Relations: Engage in extensive negotiation mechanics to form alliances or assert dominance, whether out of mutual interest or strategic ambition.

Fabledom 1.0

Fabledom’s enchanting world and engaging gameplay mechanics ensure that players can indulge in the art of city-building while weaving their own fairy tale stories of love, valor, and prosperity. With plans for future console releases, the magic of Fabledom is set to captivate players across various platforms later this year, promising a journey filled with adventure and whimsy. For now, you can head over to Steam, jump into its Early Access, or add the game to your wishlist while you wait for its full release.

Are you looking forward to trying out Fabledom once it releases in its 1.0 version? Let us know in the comments section below.

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