F1 2018 Guide – Strategies and Tips, Custom Setups, Tires, Difficulty Settings

F1 2018 Guide

Codemasters have launched the latest title in the long running F1 franchise, F1 2018. It comes with a number of new features that add to the overall value of the game. We have curated this F1 2018 Guide for you in which we will share some tips, tricks and strategies with you, which will really help you, get past the competition. F1 2018 is a highly competitive game so you will need all the extra edge in the game to leave the pack behind.

Check out the official release trailer for F1 2018 below.

Strategies and Tips – F1 2018

Our F1 2018 Guide details some important tips and strategies that will help you get better in the game overall and reach the top of the game.

Start the Game on Easy

F1 2018 might not be for all skill level players and if you are a player who is starting the game for the first time then we suggest that you start the game on Easy difficulty settings. The game has many different sorts of assists that will help you in driving the car such as ABS, Stability Control etc and the AI also goes easy on you.

AI will give you much more room on the track and they will have slower lap times as compared to higher difficulties. Another great way to get your grip on the car is to run a few laps of any track of your choice during Time Trial. This allows you to practice the track and learn its different turns and best racing lines through them.

It all boils down to you how you want to tackle the game right at the start. Reducing the difficulty and turning on assists will really help you get in the basic mood for racing and you can turn off assists one by one as you get comfortable with the car. The game also features some in-game tutorials that will help you in understanding different mechanics of the game.

Pick the Right Tires

Tire selection is a big thing in F1 2018 and the correct selection of tires can lead you to first place while the wrong set of tires will set you at the back of the pack. In F1 2018, the developers have added carcass temperature as well which means that the tires will react to how the player is driving the car.

The tires will change temperature very quickly according to the driving pattern of the player. Both the outer skin of the tire and the main bulk of the tire have different temperature times now with the outer skin changing temperatures quickly and the main tire changing temperatures slowly.

To learn more about the new tire features added in the game, there are some new tire tutorials that will guide you on how to set up the tires and how to manage tires according to tire wear and race conditions. We recommend that you play these in-game tutorials to get more detailed explanation on this new feature. The game will also teach you how to adjust weight distribution and brake bias in order to control tire wear under heavy braking and heavy acceleration.

Master the New ERS Feature

Based on the newest F1 calendar and the variations of the tracks, Codemasters have modified the ERS (Energy Recovery System) mechanic and now it is handled differently for each track. Each circuit will give a unique experience while using ERS as each circuit has its own unique settings. The game also features an ERS practice programme which is very good at teaching new players to this feature.

We recommend that you master this new ERS feature as it is vital for victory in F1 2018 and any player who can use it more effectively can easily take the lead. You can set this system to auto as well where the game will automatically manage it but we recommend that you practice and then manually control the ERS feature.

Always Use Custom Car Setups

Setting up the car for the optimum performance for each track is one of the best aspects in F1 2018. The game gives you complete freedom to modify the car settings as much as you like. You can choose from a wide variety of options to make the car handle exactly how you want it to handle. You can choose braking power, tire pressure, suspension settings, aero settings and much more to make the car feel more comfortable.

Each track is unique, some have more straight sections while some have really technical turns so the car will need to be tuned for each track separately. Once you have changed the settings, you can run practice laps to see how the car is performing. If you are not happy with the settings, you can go back, tune it up some more and then go back for another practice round.

We recommend that you always use custom setups, as they will create the perfect car for you. Default settings are good as well but professional players always tune the car to their own liking and the amount of detail to car tuning in F1 2018 is amazing. You must try and create custom set ups and practice with them to get more feel of how every setting tweak affects the car handling and performance.

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter how much you play the other game modes, the best way to hone your skills is via practicing alone. Pick a track, pick a car, apply a custom tune and rip it out on the track to your liking. There is no limit to practicing and you can use this mode to get better with any car and on any track.

Keep tweaking with the settings in order to beat your own lap time and you will eventually get addicted with this that you will spend hours on tweaking your car to perfection. F1 2018 is not really a portable racing game where you come, pick and start playing. If you really want to get better at this game, you will need to invest some time in practicing and knowing more about your car.

This concludes our F1 2018 Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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