Embark Studios Unveils New 5v5 Tactical Game Mode Terminal Attack in THE FINALS

THE FINALS Terminal Attack

Embark Studios is set to introduce a thrilling new game mode, Terminal Attack, to THE FINALS, offering players a unique 5v5 tactical experience. This limited-time addition will be available starting Thursday, May 2nd.

In Terminal Attack, two teams of five players each will engage in intense battles where they take turns defending and attacking a crucial objective. The attackers’ goal is to deposit cash into a Terminal on the map using a decryption key, while the defenders must use all their skills to prevent the attackers from succeeding.

Check out the new Terminal Attack trailer below:

Each match in Terminal Attack is structured as a best-of-seven rounds, adding a layer of strategic depth and tension. Destruction carries over between rounds, making every move and decision critical. With only one life per round, limited health regeneration, no respawns, and disabled healing beams and defibrillators, Terminal Attack amplifies the stakes for players in THE FINALS.

This new mode emphasizes strategic collaboration among team members and challenges contestants to slow down, work together, and think strategically. Players will need to leverage the fully-destructible and dynamic environment of THE FINALS to outsmart their opponents and secure victory.

The release of Terminal Attack will coincide with Update 2.6.0, scheduled to launch on Thursday, May 2nd. This update brings additional enhancements and improvements to THE FINALS, ensuring a seamless and engaging gaming experience for players.

THE FINALS Terminal Attack

THE FINALS is currently available on PC via Steam, the Xbox Game Store, and the PlayStation Store, and can also be accessed through cloud streaming via Nvidia GeForce NOW. Don’t miss out on the excitement of Terminal Attack and join the action-packed world of THE FINALS today.

Are you jumping back into THE FINALS to try out the new game mode Terminal Attack? Also, have you played THE FINALS yet and if not, would you be interested in trying it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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