Hyperkinetic, Roguelike Action Platformer Elsie Gets New Trailer

Elsie Trailer

Publishers Playtonic Friends, The Completionist, and developer Knight Shift Games have announced the release of the latest trailer for their upcoming title Elsie. Elsie is a technicolor, hyperkinetic, roguelike action platformer where you will blast through an army of robots in procedurally generated levels. You will have a wide scope of items and weaponry at your disposal and you will use that to defeat everything that comes your way.

Check out the latest trailer for Elsie that showcases new biomes and bosses from the game ahead of its release:

In Elsie, you play as the android named Elsie who embarks on a quest to clean up the world that she calls home. As detailed in the trailer above, the hometown of Sapir Wharf will act as the central hub for the game and it is currently harboring all of the survivors of the attacks on Dr Grey’s city. From this point on, you will use the Lighthouse teleporter to teleport to different levels such as the Eclipse Skyport which is the first level of the game.

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Here, you will progress further in the level and defeat different enemies until you face the first Guardian: Celestia. To clear the biome, you will need to kill all of the enemies as well as the final boss at the end of it before you can move to the next one. For your next biome selection, you will be presented with a choice of different places. Every playthrough of Elsie will feature a selection of three biomes that you will explore, defeat enemies in, and conquer by defeating the boss at its end.

Elsie Trailer

The latest biome revealed by the developer includes the volcanic grotto called The Forgemaster’s Caldero which is home to Ash, and Jardin, a lush nature-coated kingdom where you will face the Queen of Thorns Rosalyn. Each of these areas will feature an intense guardian battle at its end and plenty of other enemies to fight along the way. For movement and combat, you will have a variety of items and moves at your disposal as you will jump, dash, and blast your way through these levels.

Elsie is slated for release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2023. A confirmed release date is not known at this point however you can head over to Steam to add the game to your wishlist or download the free demo and give the game a shot right now.

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