Elgato Launches All New and Powerful HD60 X External Capture Card

Elgato HD60 X

Elgato has just launched its newer and more powerful HD60 X external capture card, featuring state-of-the-art specs and seamless compatibility with the new-gen consoles. Elgato is already known for its high-quality gameplay capture and stream, but with the new HD60 X, it comes without any limitations.

Succeeding and building on the popular HD60 S+, the HD60 X comes with an all-new architecture designed with rear ports to keep cables out of sight. The device itself is palm-sized, plug-and-play ready to connect to a console and send video to both a gaming display and PC.

Fully compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and dual-PC setups, HD60 X makes it possible for creators to capture gameplay in the highest quality without compromising their next-gen gaming experience.

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High-fidelity games while live streaming is no issue for the HD60 X on Twitch or YouTube in full HD 1080p60 quality, all the while recording simultaneously at 1080p60 HDR10 footage on your hard drive. The Instant Gameview feature then syncs your broadcast with your gameplay, allowing you to monitor your capture feed, even with ultra-low latency.

Elgato HD60 X

Julian Fest, SVP and GM of Elgato talked about their new product,

User-generated gaming content is one of the biggest entertainment vehicles in the world. We’ve pioneered the proliferation of this content for 10 years now. Our game capture solutions span three console generations and have powered hundreds of millions of uploads and livestreams. Today, we’re thrilled to launch yet another definitive capture solution for the latest generation of game consoles.

With the new HD60 X, you can rest assured that your next-gen gaming experience will never be compromised thanks to the capture card’s passthrough technology. This means that the latest PlayStation and Xbox titles can be played and enjoyed to the fullest in 4K60 HDR10 quality. The device also features Variable Refresh Rate passthrough for ultra-smooth gaming without any lag, stuttering, or screen tearing on compatible VRR displays.

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