How to Beat El Gigante Boss in Resident Evil 4

How to Beat El Gigante Boss in Resident Evil 4

El Gigante is a ferocious boss that you will encounter at least 3 times in the story of Resident Evil 4, showing up occasionally and multiple times before you can beat him for good. This guide will show you how to beat the El Gigante boss in Resident Evil 4, what attacks it will hit you with, and when you can finally beat the boss in the story.

How to Beat El Gigante Boss in Resident Evil 4

As mentioned above, El Gigante is a boss that will show up multiple times in the story. In this case, you will meet the boss three times, where the first time he shows up is when you go through the Mural Cave and get the Church Insignia Key.

First Encounter

When returning back from the Mural Cave with the Insignia Key, you will be passing back from the Quarry, into an area where the boss fight will ensue, trapping you inside to face the battle. This first encounter is where El Gigante shows all of his main attacks, starting from lunging punches, the ground slam and punch, and a charging attack. In addition, one of its special attacks is where it will lift up a shed and throw it at your location.

Another one of the attacks you have to look out for is the grab, where El Gigante will grab Leon. Do your best to wriggle free from the grasp, or use a knife if you have one. If you fail to release from the grip, the boss will decapitate Leon by chopping his head off.

You cannot completely beat El Gigante in this encounter, but you can win the battle by dealing enough damage, avoiding the incoming attacks by dodging at the right moment, and allowing the boss to be stunned. When stunned, you can run and climb on the back of the boss and perform quick stabs with your knife.

Second Encounter

The Second Encounter is where El Gigante comes prepared by wearing heavy armor, adding to the menacing look that it previously had. The encounter begins when you complete the Lithograph puzzle and reach Castle Battlements.

The boss fight is mainly focused on avoiding El Gigante’s boulder throw attack. This can be avoided if you have an obstacle in between you and the boss that can deflect or cover you from the large boulder. Getting hit with a boulder deals a high amount of damage. Eventually, you can use the cannonball on the boss to win this encounter as well.

Third Encounter

The third and final encounter with two El Gigantes begins when you are in the Castle region, just as you are about to reach the Mines. Since there are two versions of the boss in this battle, you will be facing an armored and a normal El Gigante.

The best way to beat the normal version of the boss is by dealing enough damage until its tentacles show up. Snipe at the tentacles and the boss will stagger next to the grate that leads down to fiery lava. When the boss staggers close to the gate, interact with the control panel button and it will fall inside the fiery, instantly killing it.

The armored version of the boss requires you to stall until Luis gets dynamite to kill the boss. Luis will leave for a while as you force the boss to have its full attention on Leon. When Luis returns with the dynamite, lure El Gigante close to him until the dynamite can be attached to its back. Blow up the dynamite and then shoot at the parasite that shows up. When staggered, you can use the fiery pit again to consume this boss as well.

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