Dungeon Drafters to Launch on Consoles with Full Content Update

Dungeon Drafters Consoles

Publisher DANGEN Entertainment and developer Manalith Studios have announced that their mystery dungeon adventure game, Dungeon Drafters, is set to be released on all consoles digitally on March 14, 2024. This console release will include all content updates since the game’s debut on PC, promising players the most comprehensive version yet. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch version are currently available.

Dungeon Drafters offers a unique blend of mystery dungeon exploration and roguelite elements, where players harness the power of magical cards to navigate perilous dungeons. With cards as their arsenal, players can unleash powerful spells and craft devastating combos in thrilling tile-based combat. Whether triggering earthquakes, casting fireballs, or summoning allies, the game provides a diverse range of combat strategies to cater to every deck-building enthusiast.

Check out the console release date trailer below:

At the start of their journey, players select from six distinct characters – Mage, Brawler, Monk, Bard, Shinobi, and Explorer – each equipped with a signature starting deck that shapes their initial playstyle. However, players have the freedom to expand and customize their decks as they progress, tailoring their character to their preferences. Victory hinges on successfully navigating six unique dungeons, mastering the abilities of each area’s monsters, tweaking their decks, and acquiring specific cards to overcome challenges.

During dungeon exploration, players face the crucial decision of delving deeper into the unknown or retreating to the safety of the Adventurers’ Town to safeguard their loot. Venturing too far may risk losing valuable treasures. The game also offers a rich experience in the Adventurers’ Town, where players can prepare for their next adventure by acquiring new cards, unlocking boosters, embarking on challenging quests, or simply enjoying leisure activities like fishing.

Dungeon Drafters Consoles

With a staggering array of 300 different cards spanning various archetypes – Traveler, Raider, Stranger, Oracle, and Warden – Dungeon Drafters promises a diverse and engaging deck-building experience suitable for all types of players. Whether players seek the strongest cards and combos, experiment with novel combinations, or aim for a complete card collection, Dungeon Drafters offers something for everyone in its deck-building system.

Would you be interested in playing Dungeon Drafters when it launches on consoles? Which platform will you be going for? Let us know in the comments section below!

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