Public Beta Launch DUCKSIDE Unleashes Quacky PvP Survival Action on Steam

Prepare to take flight with your feathery comrades as DUCKSIDE, the exhilarating PvP survival shooter from tinyBuild, spreads its wings in the first-ever public beta launching on Steam. With gun-wielding and hat-wearing ducks at the forefront, players are thrust into intense battles where survival and aerial dominance are key.

In DUCKSIDE, players will dive into a world where crafting, shooting, and strategic survival skills are essential. Embrace the unique thrill of flying with precision flight controls, soaring above the clouds as you engage in fierce PvP and PvE matches. The game’s dynamic gameplay includes defending against enemy raids featuring up to 50 mallards, turning the island into a warzone where only the strongest ducks survive.

Check out the public beta announcement trailer below:

Discover the thrill of unlocking secret bases filled with valuable treasures by cracking codes and exploring hidden nooks. Peck down doors and plunder homes to secure the finest loot available, adding depth and excitement to every match.

The skies are yours to conquer as you glide over mountains, locate hidden treasures, and rain feathered fury upon your enemies from a bird’s-eye view. Gather essential resources by chipping away at stones, wood, and other natural elements to craft tools and fortify your nest, ensuring your survival in the face of relentless challenges.


Whether braving the battlefield alone or teaming up with fellow waterfowl (or anatidae, for the scientifically inclined), DUCKSIDE encourages players to form formidable flocks that strike fear into their feathered foes. Only by eliminating all threats and surviving until the end can players claim victory and earn the title of the quackin’ champion!

Join the flock and dive into the action by signing up for DUCKSIDE’s public beta on Steam today, experiencing the adrenaline-pumping adventure of duck warfare firsthand.

Would you be interested in trying out the public beta for DUCKSIDE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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