Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide – All Empyrean Keys, Unlock Unmaykr Weapon

Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide

This Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide will show you how to access all the Slayer Gates, how to get all the Empyrean Keys, and how you can unlock the Unmaykr weapon after completing all the Slayer Gate challenges.

Slayer Gates are special locations where you have to fight against waves after waves of demons to complete each gate. Before you can enter this challenge, you are required to first locate a key that will unlock the Slayer Gate. Completing each Slayer Gate challenge rewards you with an Empyrean Key. Each of these special keys will take you one step closer to the Unmaykr weapon.

Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide

Below we have detailed all the Slayer Gates and their key locations. We will also highlight how to unlock the Unmaykr weapon after collecting all the Empyrean Keys.

What are Slayer Gates

Slayer Gates are special challenging locations where you enter this special arena to fight all sorts of enemies. In total, there are six Slayer Gates each with a different difficulty. Each Slayer Gate will first require you to access a key that will open the arena for you.

There are six Slayer Gates in total:

  • Cultist Base
  • Super Gore Nest
  • Mars Core
  • Taras Nabad
  • Arc Complex
  • Exultia

After finding the key, which is usually nearby, you will enter the gate and have to fight through waves of enemies. Once you complete a Slayer Gate, you will be rewarded with an Empyrean Key.

Slayer Gates can be quite tough when trying to defeat all the enemies inside. While some gates may be relatively easy, other tougher gates can easily defeat you and throw you out defeated. Slayer Gates also eat up your ammo without ever resetting. Any ammo you use in the gate will be gone for good, and restarting the challenge will not bring back all the ammo that you used.

Before attempting to clear out a Slayer Gate, make sure you have enough ammo and resources to last the long battle. If you fail, do not jump straight in unless you have enough items for your fight.

Slayer Gate Keys Locations

As mentioned before, each Slayer Gate requires a key that can be found nearby to open the gate. The locations of the keys are:


The Key for this slayer gate will first require you to kill the demons nearby and then use the ledges to climb all the way to the top. At the top you will see a dash refill item that will allow you to jump all the way across to the other side. Once you reach the other side, continue forward and you will find the key on a small floating platform.

Cultist Base

The key for this gate is quite some distance away and require you to first jump down from the opposite side of the gate and then land on the climbable wall. Look ahead and you will find a door to the left that will have another wall to grab onto. From this location, you have to jump and dash all the way across to the refill and climb the wall all the way to the top.

Now jump across, use the bars to jump higher the location where the key is. Collect it and you will land straight at the gate with the key in hand.

Super Gore Nest

To get this Slayer Gate opened, you need to get three different keys. The first is the blue key that will open up the gore nest, and giving you access to the jump pad. This will help you jump over to a fore patch and then fight off enemies in the hallway. Here you will find another key that will then allow you to go the Slayer Gate.

Arc Complex

The key can be found on the next floor from the main lobby area of the Convention Center.  You will find a climbable wall in the main lobby that you can access by taking the stairs and then jumping straight towards it.

From there, climb all the way up and jump across to the hole where the Key is located.

Mars Core

The key for this slayer gate will require you to first head back in the room where you can see the key. From here you need to head left to the operations room and then use the control panel, and then fight the enemies in the next room.

Now you will see a vent that you can break and enter in this room. Enter the vent and take the key inside.

Taras Nabad

To get the key for this gate, you need to go to the Catacombs area. When you are in the sewers, you will be able to spot the key that can be obtained after going through all the sections underwater.

How to Get Unmaykr Weapon

When you have completed all of the Slayer Gate challenges, and have all the six Empyrean Keys in hand, you will be now be one step away from getting the Unmaykr weapon in the game.

The first thing you need to do now is to go to the Fortress of Doom. From there go down three floors to the main hub area for the Doom Slayer. Here you will find a door that will require all the six Empyrean Keys to reveal the Unmaykr weapon.

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This concludes our Doom Eternal Slayer Gates Guide. Post your comments below.

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