Doom Eternal Glory Kills Guide – How to Perform Glory Kills, All Types

Doom Eternal Glory Kills Guide

Glory Kills is one of the best mechanics in the Doom franchise since Doom Reboot. Lucky for us, Glory Kills are now back in Doom Eternal and they are better than ever. We have curated this Doom Eternal Glory Kills Guide in which we will guide you on the two different types of Glory Kills that are present in Doom Eternal. The original reboot only came with a single Glory Kill option however, this time around, you can crush the skulls of the demons in two different fancy ways.

Glory Kills Guide – Doom Eternal

Our Doom Eternal Glory Kills Guide details everything that you need to know about Glory Kills in Doom Eternal.

How to Land Glory Kills in Doom Eternal

To land Glory Kills and finish off the demons in the most spectacular way possible, all you need to do is deal enough damage. Keep dealing damage with your weapons and eventually, the enemy will start glowing in a particular color. Depending on how much damage you have dealt to the enemy, they will either glow blue or orange. These two colors tell you which type of finisher can be performed in order to get a Glory Kill.

If your enemy is glowing blue, it means that the enemy is trying to regain balance however you cannot perform a Glory Kill in this condition. Enough damage has not been dealt to the enemy at this point to land a Glory Kill. Enemies recover much quicker from this state however while they are trying to regain their balance, you can use your weapons and deal as much damage as possible without any remorse of an attack coming your way.

To actually land a Glory Kill, your enemy must be glowing orange. This orange glow is very easy and distinctive and you can easily notice the glow. Keep dealing damage to the enemies and they will start glowing orange. This is the final stage before they die so do not shoot them. Instead, move in and press R3 to finish them off in the most brutal manner possible for giving you all the trouble. When a demon is killed this way, it will give you health so this is highly useful if you are low on health.

This is all that you need to know about Glory Kills in Doom Eternal. For more help with Doom Eternal, you can check out Doom Eternal Guides linked below.

This concludes our Doom Eternal Glory Kills Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. Flashing blue means they are ready to be glory killed but you are currently not within glory-kill range. Just move closer when they’re blue and they change to orange.

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