Doom Eternal Enemies Guide – How to Kill Enemies, Weakpoints, Best Weapons to Use

Doom Eternal Enemies Guide

This Doom Eternal Enemies Guide will show you all the types of enemies found in the game that range from the fodders to the heavy demons. Each enemy type comes in different sizes and are generally tougher the bigger in size they get.

This guide contains all the enemies except the Bosses, which require a whole different approach when battling against them.

Doom Eternal Enemies Guide

Below we have detailed all the enemies that you will find in the game.

Fodder Enemies

Fodder demons are the smaller enemies that you will face and these include Zombies, Imp, Soldiers, and Gargoyles. These are pretty easy to kill enemies, where you can blast off multiple of them with a single shot from your Super Shotgun or your Combat Shotgun.

However, Fodders are best to be saved for resource materials like ammo and other items. Staggering them and going for a Glory Kill will drop a lot of materials that you can then use against heavy demons. This method also saves up a lot of your ammo, as you are not just spraying away your bullets but actually taking down enemies in an effective way.

Lost Souls

Lost Souls are flying demons that you will see roaming around in areas. These are also pretty easy to kill if you decide on using your shotgun on them. However, they do show up in crunch situations when you are fighting tougher bosses.

Lost Souls play the role of ads as they will constantly keep you on the move and juggling from the heavy enemies to the smaller ones.


These arachnid type demons come with a cannon equipped on their backs and are pretty annoying enemies to deal with. The best way you can take them down is to first take out the cannon that they use against you.

With the cannons on their back, they can start attacking you from mid-range as they get closer to you. You can counter this b using the Heavy Cannon and attacking then before they get too close to you.

Mancubus/Cyber Mancubus

Mancubus come in two different versions where the Cyber versions are more powerful than the normal ones. Mancubus are large enemies with two cannons as their arms. The only thing you have to worry about are the cannons by dodging their incoming bullets.

The best way to take down the Mancubus is by staggering them for a Glory Kill. This is because they explode after a Glory Kill and will have a blast radius around them, swallowing any nearby enemies as well.

The badder version of the Mancubus is the Cyber Mancubus. This enemy comes with armor that allows it to absorb some of your bullets. Knocking its armor off will require you to charge your Blood Punch before using it on them, which is the only effective way to take them down.

Pain Elemental

These flying demons are very strong enemies that will make your life tough in the game. They fire grenades from their mouth that explode at your location. The best way to take them down is to use the Ballista weapon, especially when you have ample amounts of Cells in hand.

You can also use the Rocket Launcher to hit it, but that may require several rockets to be effective in killing these demons.


This is also another flying demon like the Pain Elemental that loves to get close to you to bite you. The best way to take them down is by going for the Glory Kill, as this not only saves ammo but also gives you health in return.

To go for the Glory Kill, you first have to stagger them by throwing a grenade in their mouths. This will stagger them and they will start flashing, allowing you to follow up with the Glory Kill.


This demon has a weakpoint on its back, where you can easily dodge around to get behind it and then firing away with your shotgun. You can also use the Combat Shotgun with its Sticky Bombs mod, allowing you to easily take them down.

However, if you quickly want to take down a Pinky, using your Blood Punch can kill them instantly.


This enemy is quite clever in getting out of your reach right when you think you may have got it. The Prowler has the teleportation ability that allows it to jump from one place to the other. You can counter this by using Ice Bombs against to stick them in one place and then fire away.

A better and more effective way would be to first stop them on their tracks with the Ice Bomb and then going for a Glory Kill to get some items in return.


These are another type of demons that you can Glory Kill to get some health in return. However, it may not be so easy as these demons are pesky creatures that are hard to stop. Again, you can use the Ice Bomb to freeze then in one place and executing a Glory Kill.

You can also use the Heavy Cannon for its precision rounds. This will allow you to take them if they are far away, or if you don’t want them anywhere close to you.


Carcass are half cyborg half-demon type enemies that will run around on spider legs. These are pretty tricky enemies as they can use energy shields and will come in your way and making you vulnerable against other enemies.

The best way to deal with them is to use the Blood Punch to take out their shields, and them using the Super Shotgun to hook and get close to them. From there, its al point-blank shooting from your shotgun and these pesky creatures will be gone for good.

If you need more help with the game, check out more guides below.

This concludes our Doom Eternal Enemies Guide. Post your comments below.

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