Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss Guide – How to Defeat

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This Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss Guide will show you how to defeat the Doom Hunter boss which is the latest creation of the Hell Priest Daeg Ranak. This menacing look boss has a sled that he uses to move around while having two weapons in place of his hands.

The Doom Hunter comes in different phases and has a lot of ads following you around to make things as hectic as can be. Nonetheless, he is not invincible and can be taken down with the right strategy and weapons in hand.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how to defeat Doom Hunter in the game.

How to Defeat Doom Hunter

When you first start the battle, you will be indicated about the boss’s weaknesses. These are his Energy Shield and the Sled that he rides on. Breaking through both of these will allow you to deal with the most amounts of damage.

The Doom Hunter has a variety of attacks, where he can rely on both medium and close-range combat. One of his arms has a laser cannon that shoots a beam directly at you, while the other arm is a chainsaw that it uses for melee attacks. At closer range, which is what the boss will be seeking, his melee attacks are very dangerous and can devastate you with a few hits.

Before you head into the battle, you need two main weapons for this fight. The first is the Plasma Rifle, while the secondary options can be the Super Shotgun, Heavy Cannon and the Rocket Launcher. The most obvious tactic, to begin with, is to target the Doom Hunter’s Shields or the sled. Destroying his energy shield will temporarily stagger the boss and allow you to deal the most amounts of damage. But the energy shields return after a little while.

On the other hand, if you destroy the sled, the Doom Hunter loses most of his abilities and giving you the upper hand in the fight. From this point onwards, you have to rinse and repeat with disabling his energy shields and then attacking with the shotgun or the Heavy Cannon. When the boss is vulnerable after his shields are down, his weakest spot is the head, which is where you should focus on to deal maximum amounts of damage.

In the second phase of the fight, the Doom Hunter will depart from his sled and will move even faster than before. However, he is more vulnerable to your attacks and susceptible to damage. Attacking with the rocket launcher or the micro missiles of the Heavy Cannon can easily drain 50% of his health per attack.

When the Doom Hunter is defeated, you are taken over to a new area and have to face two more individual Doom Hunters. While your tactics and the boss’s moves remain the same, you are faced with an additional challenge of having to dodge between both the bosses. The best way to go from here is to focus on one boss while taking cover from the other Doom Hunter until you have only one boss left to focus on. There is plenty of cover in this new area and you can defend yourself from one boss while attacking the other.

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