Doom Eternal Buff Totems Guide – How to Destroy

Doom Eternal Buff Totems Guide

In this Doom Eternal Buff Totems Guide, we will guide you on how you can destroy the Buff Totems in Doom Eternal. Demons are in no short supply in Doom Eternal however in certain areas, you will notice that demons just keep on spawning and spawning and never end. In these areas, you will also notice that enemies have a distinct red glow on them. If you notice the red glow and the demons just keep on spawning, there is a chance that a Buff Totem is hidden in the area and you must destroy it.

Buff Totems Guide – Doom Eternal

Our Doom Eternal Buff Totems Guide details everything that you need to know about destroying Buff Totems in Doom Eternal.

How to Destroy Buff Totems in the Doom Eternal

Buff Totems is one of the sneakiest mechanic in Doom Eternal and sometimes you will not even notice it and fall to its prey. These Buff Totems do not damage or attack you directly but they can make your life hell by continuously spawning demons with a red glow around them. When you are unable to clear an area and demons keep spawning with a red glow, then you must find and destroy the Buff Totem spawning them.

When you see non-stop enemies with a red glow around them, begin hunting the entire area for the Buff Totem. Look up and down and check every corner of the level until you can find the Buff Totem stuck in the ground. It looks like an upside-down sword stuck in the ground with a red glow around it. To destroy it, approach it and press R3 to pull it out from the ground. Once done, it will stop spawning more demons and the red glow will also disappear from the enemies.

This is all that you need to know about Buff Totems in Doom Eternal. If you need more help with Doom Eternal, check out more guides linked below.

This concludes our guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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