The Division 2 Raid Guide – Best DPS Build, Massive Damage (New Meta)

Division 2 Raid DPS Build

In this The Division 2 Raid Guide, we will guide you on how you can have the best DPS build to play the Operation Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 with the new meta. We all know that The Division 2’s first massive eight-player raid Operation Dark Hours is now live in the game and it is not at all easy to complete it. For this, you must have an extremely stable build with right weapons, mods and skills equipped. A new update also changed different perks so here is what you need to get the highest damage when playing DPS.

Our The Division 2 Raid Guide focuses on an extreme DPS build which will help you land massive damage on your enemies in the Operation Dark Hours raid for The Division 2. With this guide, your sole focus is dealing damage to enemies so naturally, you might be a little less on the defensive side. We have detailed all the required weapons, armor sets, mods and skills that you will need for this build below.

Best DPS Build For The Division 2 Raid

Our The Division 2 Raid Guide tells you how you can have the best DPS build for the Operations Dark Hours raid in The Division 2.

Since the name suggests, this build is all about dealing damage to your opponents and our build is going to be focused around doing just that with the help of an Assault Rifle. Assault Rifles are the most versatile weapons in the game and with this build, you will be taking down enemies with your assault rifle in no time.

In the latest build, Assault Rifles also received a huge buff so they are the best weapon for the raid as of now for our DPS build. We will list down all of the weapons and gear along with mods, perks, and skills below so that you can build the use the best DPS build in order to complete the raid.

Primary Weapon

The primary weapon that you need for this build is an Assault Rifle and to be more specific, you should be using the Custom P41 G3. It is one of the best assault rifles in the game at this point. With this gun, you can have a very high damage stat by having the right mods and talents equipped. It also has a normal version in the game but I recommend that you go for the custom one.

It also comes with a very high RPM and a decent magazine size which ensures that you will not be reloading quite often in the game. Coming to the fact that it is extremely unstable, you can counter it and make it more stable by equipping the talent Stable. This will increase the stability of your assault rifle by 15% ensuring that you actually land bullets on your enemies rather than spraying around them.

The second talent you must have is Strained. With it equipped, you will get 5% critical hit damage for every 10% armor that is depleted from your agent. This is a very handy talent and since you will be taking a lot of damage in the raid, your critical hit damage will keep increasing for every 10% armor that you lose.

Coming to the mods, the best mods for this build are:

  • EXPS3 Holo Sight – +8% damage to elites
  • Laser Pointer – +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • Light Extended 5.56 Mag – +10 Rounds
  • Muzzle Brake 5.56 – +5.0% damage to Elites.

This will be your primary weapons and with these mods and talents, you can have the ultimate DPS weapon in the game. Now let’s move on to the rest of the gear. Talents that we will use on the gear will also affect your primary weapon’s damage so it is important that you try to follow this guide as much as possible to have the maximum DPS at the end.

Secondary Weapon

Since you will be using your primary weapon most of the time, you can still have some decent secondary weapons for the raid as well. Our pick for this slot is the Chatterbox submachine gun. It comes with a decent 10900 damage with a decent RPM and a magazine size. It is also a very stable weapon when it comes to shooting.

You can have the following mods for it.

  • Modified Optics – +5% Critical Hit Chance
  • Chatterbox Magazine – +10% Reload Speed
  • Chatterbox Cannister – + 15% Weapon Handling
  • Chatterbox Muzzle – +10% Critical Hit Chance


For the mask, we will be using the Gila Guard Javelin Mask. It will give you around 20.2K armor. It will give you around 12,000 health along with 33% added damage to elites. Equip the Hard Hitting Talent and it will give you an additional 10% bonus damage to elites.


For the chest piece, we will be using the Fenris Group AB Stridsvast Combat Vest. It comes with around 12,000 armor. It will give you +10% assault rifle damage along with -10% damage from elites. Each kill will grant you +20% health back as well. It also comes with an additional 11.5% headshot damage and 5% weapon damage.

Coming to Talents, equip Unstoppable Force which will give you +2% additional damage for every 25000 armor and Hard-Hitting which will give you an additional 10% damage to elites. Coming to mods, you can equip some additional damage boosters and health recovery mods here to make your DPS build more effective.


For the holster, we will be using the Wyvern Wear ‘Didactyl’ Pad Holster. It will give you nearly 32700 armor. It grants you +7% Critical Hit Damage, +15% Drone Skill Power and +10% Critical Hit Chance. You can modify it further to increase it to about 14% extra Critical Hit Damage as well.

Equip the Devastating Talent on it which will give you +5% extra weapon damage boost further increasing the damage of your primary weapon. Coming to mods, equip some mods giving you additional weapon damage and critical hit damage to make it more effective.


For the backpack, you can have the 5.11 Tactical All Hazards Nitro Backpack. This will give you around 29500 armor along with 5% extra protection from elites. It will also grant you +10% Extra Incoming Healing and +10% Weapon Handling making it easier to you’re the AR we suggested above. You can further modify it with increased weapon damage attributes along with added health and armor.

Use Hardened and Hard-Hitting talents with it. Hardened will give you 10% armor bonus while Hard Hitting will increase your damage resistance against elites by 10%. Equip some mods which further increase the damage to it and it will make your DPS build even more effective.


For the gloves, you will use the Gila Guard Diamondback Gloves for this build. They will give you around 20800 armor along with +5% Total Armor bonus. They also come with +20% Hazard Protection and +15% Pulse Skill Power. You can further modify it to increase your overall health and add some more Assault Rifle damage with attributes.

Coming to Talents, equip Devastating which will grant you an additional 5% weapon damage. You can choose the mods for the gloves which can increase your skill power, explosive damage and such since it comes with Utility mod slot.


For the Knee Pads, you can use the Gila Guard Sidewinder Kneepads. They will give you around 24900 armor. They also come with 5% Total Armor bonus, +20% Hazard Protection and +15% Pulse Skill Power. They are pretty similar to the Gloves but considering the fact that they belong to the same set, it makes sense. Choose an attribute that adds more health.

For the kneepads, you must have Patience talent equipped. This is a very helpful talent as with it, for every 5s you spend in cover, your armor is repaired 5% every 1s automatically. This is extremely useful in the raid because you will eventually run out of first-aid and armor kits and this talent will keep healing you.

It is also extremely useful in the mod section because you will have two defensive slots here and you can increase your armor as well as health by equipping the right mods in this section.

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This concludes our The Division 2 Raid Best DPS Build Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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