Digital Extremes Unveils Warframe Dante and Exciting Updates During Monthly Devstream

Warframe Dante

In a jam-packed monthly Devstream today, Digital Extremes, the developer behind the popular online action game Warframe, showcased the abilities of Dante, the game’s 56th Warframe. Alongside Dante’s full ability showcase, players were treated to a glimpse of a new mission type, details on Warframe Inaros’ rework, and various quality-of-life improvements. This stream also marked the kickoff of celebrations for Warframe’s 11th Anniversary, with plans for an in-person celebration at PAX East next month.

Key highlights from the stream included an in-depth look at Warframe Dante, described as the master of reality’s pages. Dante wields his own Exalted Weapon, the formidable Tome named Noctua, which can replace any currently equipped secondary weapon. Players can cast Light or Dark Verses to enhance allies’ health or unleash blood-slashing needles to inflict damage on nearby enemies. The ultimate finishing ability, Final Verse, varies based on the pattern of abilities used, granting allies copies of Noctua or summoning Paragrimms, massive owl-like creatures, to aid in battle.

Additionally, the stream introduced Deep Archimedea, the latest mission type, which combines elements of three existing mission types to create a unique challenge that must be completed without breaks. The composition of Deep Archimedea will change weekly, offering players new challenges and rewarding them with some of the best in-game rewards to date.

Players were also introduced to the new Murmur faction enemy, Gruzzling, a greedy loot goblin ripe for plundering. New weapons, including the melee fist weapon ARMATUS and the secondary arm-cannon Onos, were announced for players to acquire in the Entrati Disruption mission.

Furthermore, Warframe Inaros received a fresh rework, featuring an engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and overall changes to his base kit. Notable changes include separating the Scarab Armor mechanic into its own ability and improving Sandstorm with faster summoning and movement speeds.

The Devstream concluded with an invitation for fans to join the next Devstream in-person at PAX East, where they can meet the development team and the lead voice of Arthur in the upcoming Warframe: 1999, Ben Starr. The PAX Edition Devstream will air live on both PAX and Warframe Twitch channels on Friday, March 22 at 3 p.m. ET, promising major announcements, and insights into the future of Warframe.

In anticipation of the event, Megan Everett, Community Director at Digital Extremes, expressed excitement, stating, “Celebrating our 11th Anniversary at PAX East feels like the perfect way to reconnect with our Tenno again in-person.”

What are your thoughts on Digital Extremes finally revealing the full arsenal of Warframe Dante? Let us know in the comments section below.

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