Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide – How to Beat, Attacks

Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide

Lilith is the final boss in Diablo 4 that you will face after the long perilous journey in the game. In the final Act 6 during the What Lies Ahead quest, you will be facing this final boss that fights in two different versions, with different attacking patterns in each version. The two versions of the boss are Lilith the Creator of Sanctuary, and Lilith the Daughter of Hatred. This Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide will show you how to beat Lilith and what attacks you need to look out for in both two versions of the boss.

Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide

Before you head on to fight Lilith, you need to prepare a few things. The first is to be at least Level 45 or above to beat Lilith, as it is also the level that she is. Having more than Level 45 ensures that you stand a good chance against the boss and its vicious attacks.

The second is to come prepared with Elixirs and AoE attacks. This is because you will need resistance to fire, as Lilith will mainly rely on attacks that are based on fire. Her attacks are designed to overwhelm you, which is why you will need the elixirs to stay in the fight.

Lilith also summons ads during the battle, again designed to keep you away from her and overwhelm you. Having an AoE attack ensures that you can take out a large group of enemies quickly, returning your focus back to Lilith as you clear them out.

Lilith, the Creator of Sanctuary Boss Fight

In the first phase of the battle, Lilith will have a few attacks that it will rely on. The first two are done with her wings, where if you are close to the boss, she will use her wings to swipe at you. The attacks include multiple swipes, which means that you need to steer clear and dodge back. Avoiding the swiping attack is more difficult if you are a melee character and need to be close to the boss to deal hits.

The second attack that Lilith uses with her wings is where she produces spikes that come at you in a wave. This wave only goes in one direction, meaning that you can dodge to the side to avoid it.

The main attack that Lilith possesses in this first phase is when she will use claw marks on the ground to burst into flames that move forward. The claw marks give enough space for you to move quite easily in between them or dodge if you want to get out just as the flames appear.

The best way to attack the boss in the first phase is to time your attacks. Whether you are a ranged character or a melee character, you will need to time your attacks when the boss is done with her own attacks. You won’t have much time in between her claw marks attack, but the gaps in between the marks are enough to go in for a few quick hits.

As the fight progresses and you have depleted the first health marker of Lilith, she will now lunge up into the air and summon ads to fight alongside her. This is purely to overwhelm you and to break your focus from the boss. Additionally, her attacks will continue in the same way except for the claw marks attack will now move in more patterns.

If your character has good AoE attacks, you should first focus on taking out the ads before continuing to attack Lilith.

As the last health bar of Lilith remains, she will continue with the same attacks, summon more ads, but will also produce spikes from under her as she lunges in the air. The game highlights the attack with a red circle, alerting you of the incoming attack.

Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred Boss Fight

The second version of Lilith is the Daughter of Hatred, which comes after you have defeated Lilith the Creator of Sanctuary. The attacks in this battle are totally different than in the first phase of the boss and will test your patience all throughout the end of the fight.

This is because the battle area not only becomes smaller and tighter as the fight progresses, but Lilith also has many powerful attacks that can leave you with little health and also slow you down.

When the battle begins, Lilith will place four red rubble spots on the ground. If you get caught in them, your character will be slowed down. Her attacks will now be mainly using her wings and her stabbing tail. The best way to deal damage to Lilith is by using ranged attacks in this stage.

The next attack is where Lilith will take to the air and will fly over you in the battle area. Any place that she flies over will then erupt in flames and will deplete your health very quickly. To avoid this attack, you need to quickly move to where Lilith is moving in order to avoid getting caught in the flames.

The second big attack in this boss battle is where Lilith will now make barriers and destroy the ends of the battle area to make it tighter and smaller. This makes the battle pretty tough as the boss will use everything she has to attack you. In addition, the red rubble on the ground will now spit out fire projectiles at your location.

If you find yourself in the area that’s about to be destroyed, you need to get inside the safe area and avoid getting hit by the fire projectiles. When the chosen part of the battle area is destroyed, Lilith will return to you with a slam attack. She will then produce blue vortex, which will slow you down if you get caught in.

The attacks will continue in the same pattern, where she will gradually shorten the battle area, and attack you until you have damaged her enough to be victorious.

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That’s how you can beat the final boss as shown in this Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide. Post your comments below.

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