Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Locations Guide – Where to Find Imperial Treasure

Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure

In This Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Guide, we will show you where you can find all the Imperial Treasure that are part of the new weekly bounties in the Season of Opulence.

Imperial treasure map bounties can be taken from Werner 99-44 on Nessus or from Benedict 99-44 in the Tower. Each bounty will task you t find a treasure chest that is hidden in some other destination.

Tracking each quest will mark the objective location on the map. This alone is not enough, as you have to search for a chest in this area. Fortunately for you, we have the locations of the chest detailed below

Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Locations Guide

Below we have detailed the locations of six treasure chests. Imperial Treasure chests are not hard to spot as they are bright gold and quite large to be missed. Each chest gives you different bounty and Triumph. You can check the Triumph tab when you finish each location.

Imperial Treasure Chest #1 – Imperial Treasure Map (Well of Flame, Nessus)

Once you have completed the Imperial Summons questline, you will find out about the one in Well of Flame on Nessus. When you reach this area, look for a large hole that you need to jump down. When you reach the bottom, look behind some rocks where you will find the golden chest.

Imperial Treasure Chest #2 – Golden Experience (Maevic Square, EDZ)

This chest can be found when you land in the Trostland back in EDZ. Once you reach this location, you need to go to the right of the church, and then past the ruined building. Here you will reach an area overlooking Maevic Square. Look for a ledge on the right covered in plants where the chest is hidden.

Imperial Treasure Chest #3 –  Gaze into Death’s Eyes (Alton Dynamics, Mars)

For this chest, you need to go to Alton Dynamo in Mars, and to be more specific, you need to look for the server room in Alton Dynamo. Once you reach the location, you need to go through the door that you take to Will of the Thousands Strike. Now you need to go to the right at the junction. Here you will encounter a Knight that you have to kill, and then head left to find the chest hidden behind a staircase.

Imperial Treasure Chest #4 – Salvaged Goods (Spine Burrows, Io)

Track this location as it will mark the location on your map. Now you need to go the Lost Oasis area in Io, and then go to the Spine Burrows Cave that you can enter near the giant tree stump. Once you reach the main chamber, look for the platform on the right and jump up to it. Now you need to go through to the other side and then look down to your left where the chest will be placed.

Imperial Treasure Chest #5 –  Trial by Valor (Legion’s Anchor, EDZ)

This chest is also located in EDZ. Go to the spawn location of the Sunken Isles and then go southwest to the Legion’s Anchor base. Once you reach this location, follow the corridors until you come to the landing pad. Now you need to use the walkway to reach the LZ filled tanks. A chest here will be placed under a tank that is to your left.

Imperial Treasure Chest #6 – The Emperor’s Embrace (Diaviks Mine in Tangled Shore)

You need to land at Sorik’s Cut and turn to your right. From here you need to head into the cave and past the Cabal enemies. Here you will be notified about your location in Diaviks Mine. Follow this passage until you come in the main chamber. You will find a ship hovering, and also where the chest is located.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Imperial Treasure Locations Guide. Post your comments below.

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