Destiny 2 Forsaken – The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide – How to Defeat

The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide

In this Destiny 2 Forsaken – The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide, we will share some tips and tricks with you on how you can defeat the boss Morgeth in The Last Wish raid, which is now live in Destiny 2 Forsaken. There are three bosses in The Last Wish raid and one of them is Morgeth, The Spirekeeper.

You will come face to face with Morgeth before the final boss. Just because it is not the final boss, does not mean that it is an easy boss. The level requirement alone for this boss is quite high. Before tackling The Last Wish Raid, you must complete the main story of Forsaken, unlock The Dreaming City and reach at level 550. Only then, you can start The Last Wish Raid and expect to come out victorious.

Morgeth Boss Battle – How to Defeat

Our Destiny 2 Forsaken – The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide will guide you on how you can defeat Morgeth easily and will contain some handy tips for you to tackle the boss in the most effective way.

Once thing you must keep in mind is that you cannot deal damage to Morgeth in any traditional way. This is common for all bosses in Destiny 2 so to defeat Morgeth as well, you will be required to collect Taken Strength. The boss battle arena will spawn 10 Taken Strength orbs for your team so you can only deal damage to the boss until all 10 are collected.

As soon as the battle starts, start by taking down enemies. The best strategy here is to form two teams and take one side of the boss each. Enemies will spawn take them down and keep collecting Taken Strength orbs.

When the Eye of Riven appear, kill it and you will spawn two orbs of Taken Essence. Collect it as well. As players gather more orbs, they will be frequently trapped in the Umbral Enervation, which is like a field, and player will not be able to break free from it. Another party member will be required to aid them and let them out from the field.

The player who was stuck in the stasis field will absorb Taken Strength as he is holding the Taken Essence. It is wise to use the grenade ability to free them as only one will free the suck player.  Once enough strength is gathered, the battle will enter the second phase and players will be able to deal damage to the boss.

Once this phase starts, hit the boss with everything you have got. Use super abilities against it at the right time especially when he is about to reach 90% strength. This will reset the counter and he will not be able to reach full strength. Keep at it until Morgeth finally goes down.

You need to keep in mind that Morgeth can only be taken down after 10th orb of Taken Energy has been collected and at the start, each player can only stack 2 Taken Strength. You must properly distribute this among the whole Fireteam so that enough can be gathered to defeat the boss.

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This concludes our Destiny 2 Forsaken – The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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