Tactics RPG Demonschool Showscases Electrifying New Boss in Latest Trailer

Publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Necrosoft Games have released the latest trailer of Demonschool during the Guerilla Collective Showcase 2023. The latest trailer for Demonschool showcases an electrifying new boss in action that you will get to fight when the game launches later this year. Demonschool is a school-life tactics RPG that is inspired by titles like Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Italian horror cinema. Check out the latest trailer for the game below before we jump into additional details:

The trailer showcases the latest boss which is a towering pile of CRT televisions. You will need to avoid his retro static attacks as you tune in and try to defeat the boss as Faye and her classmates. To defeat the boss, you will need new special attacks and battle strategies. Apart from the boss fight, the trailer also reveals never-before-seen allies including the professional powerlifter Ti and Kestrel, Faye’s rival. Throughout Faye’s journey, you will encounter many nefarious entities and you and your allies will defeat them. Ti’s multi-directional knockback and Kestral’s pressure point strike will allow you to create monster-killing combos.

Demonschool Boss Trailer

Team attacks boost the group’s bond so using them is very helpful both in defeating the enemies and increasing the group’s efficiency in combat. The game is set in a colorful, dimensions-drifting island inspired by 60s and 70s Italian horror films and manga aesthetics before it is overtaken by a 3D demonic hellscape. The combat is tactical and intuitive where you will need to first plan attacks, then execute them all at once in a showy display of skills. You can also set up powerful combos for devastating elemental attacks and if you really need it, you can also rewind your attacks to form the perfect plan.

In Demonschool, you will bind the tear between the human and demon worlds as a college freshman Faye. Faye is the last of a legendary family line of demon hunters and this makes Faye the best candidate for the job. In the game, you will forge friendships and relationships with classmates and build out a schedule to balance skill-building study sessions with investigations and demon-slaying. All of this is done in a smooth, fast-paced tactical combat inspired by genre-classics such as Into the Breach.

Demonschool is slated for release on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Mac, and Steam Deck in 2023. Additional details about the game will be revealed in the upcoming months and weeks leading to its release.

What are your thoughts on the latest trailer for Demonschool showing the new boss and is it a title that you would be interested in playing when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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